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Prescription for disaster?


I was on Rx thyroid supplements for 10+ years, was told I would have to take them the rest of my life. It took a LOT of digging, but I found another way. I have been off supplements for over a year, my weight has FINALLY stabilized (I just got fatter and fatter on the prescriptions.) Not everyone can get off their Rx meds, but I urge you to look BEYOND the person who prescribed them for options. It is funny, doctors are supposed to give you risks, benefits and alternatives to any treatment they recommend. But their idea of "alternatives" is letting you pick which drug to take... that is their indoctrination from the AMA who runs all the medical schools. Rockefeller founded the AMA, if you were not aware.
The pharma industry can fail, too. At least KNOW a non-prescription alternative, in case the day comes that your prescription is not available. This is going to be a HUGE problem if people on ssri's or other drugs for "mental illness" are suddenly cut off. The withdrawal can include extreme psychotic episodes. Up to 25% of the population may be suddenly without their "numb me, dumb me" pills. Yippee.

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Good topic. I recently

Good topic.

I recently fractured my lateral wrist and my doctor prescribed me an anti-inflammatory. The label said that there are risks of bleeding of the intestines and liver among many other side effects. I took one shortly after getting a cast put on and I felt like I was going to die. I had the worst abdominal pain in my life. I never took another one and just did research on an anti-inflammatory diet instead. I feel like if I continued to take that medicine it would of put me out of service or seriously damaged my body.

Thanks ---

Thanks for the info. I have had concerns about what could be side effects of the med themselves as at two check ups - with two different types of doctors there were surveys. Most questions asked seemed to be checking for fibromyalgaia.

Best diet I have found so far is to avoid simple carbohadrates but that is a hard one to stick to.

This is a common problem ---

Did you just google alternative treatment for the natural meds? I have seen one alternative and heard you can make dietary changes for thyroid disorders.

I dug and dug

talked to naturopaths, homeopaths, native healers - I dug. A combo of diet, exercise is what I use, and I am not very good about staying on good foods... Mostly, I honestly believe a lot of it was getting my system cleansed of all the Rx poisons it had in it. Understand I still have a thyroid, people who had theirs removed are in a real pickle.

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