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We the People" Restore Our Constitution March in DC May 30th,

Another effort currently in the beginning stages of getting organized is a March on DC May 30th Patriot Resistance is currently looking for Committee Members and Organizers for this Event....

"We the People" Restore Our Constitution March in DC May 30th, 2009Created by DDawald

Information Organizing and planning for the preservation of the Constitution, the rights of the people March on DC May 30, 2009

We the People March on Washington DC Planning GuideWe the people will March on Saturday May 30th, 2009
Please join us in planning, organizing, and including everyone we know in this march. We will begin adding to the discussion over the next few days and weeks.

This march is about preserving the constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, about getting back to the moral roots of our forefathers and the original intent of this country. It’s about holding our elected officials responsible and accountable or we won't vote for them again. It’s about freedom of speech, and all issues that oppose “We the People” and support large controlling government.

We need banners, with phrases dear to our hearts, quotes from our forefathers, and a statement of our action. accommodations, checking about permits, deciding where to start the march, methods of getting other larger groups involved, obtaining support from important well known people, news coverage, etc...

Executive Director
Darla Dawald

Assistant Directors
Barbara Payne
James D Rutz
Elizabeth Cowen

P.S. To sign up on a committee simply go to that committee page and put your interest in helping. Thanks

Copy this link to post on your Blogs, Ffacebook, My Space, Utube

You might have to sign up with http://www.resistnet.com/ to see this page as it is currently listed in the Groups Section.

More Info...

It's official: "We the People" Restore Our Constitution March
This is the name we have chosen. Thanks everyone!
Spread the word!

This March will coincide with the Lincoln Memorial Rededication this is from the NPS.com National Park Services
May 30, 2009

Lincoln Memorial Rededication

Four score and seven years ago, Americans of different generations, races, backgrounds, and occupations gathered in Washington, D.C. to dedicate the Lincoln Memorial. The President of the United States, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Robert Lincoln, and veterans of the Blue and Gray alike came to honor the Savior of the Union. In the wake of Civil War, unity was the prevailing sentiment of that day.

Now, the memorial built to honor Abraham Lincoln continues to bring Americans together in struggles for equality and celebrations of freedom. Join us on May 30, 2009 as we rededicate the Lincoln Memorial and demonstrate that this government—this nation—truly is one of, by, and for the People.

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O.P.O.G.G. - Fighting the attempted devolution of the rEVOLution
Ron Paul 2012...and beyond


right on!
any action is good action -
even if it is a splinter group of the grassroots....
maybe there will be merges - because time is shorter everyday!
never too late to do what's right!

good luck, but I just can't

I need to prepare my home, and educate my neighbors, Marching on an empty city does nothing but circulate FRNs. Who does that help?

Here is an idea. Pick a day where no one goes any where.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

fireant's picture

Good point,

but rather than going nowhere, and to save the cost of everyone traveling to one spot, what would happen if at a designated time we all man street corners in our own communities holding signs and passing out informative literature. Street corners all across the country all at the same time; it would be kind of hard for MSM to ignore such an outpouring.

Undo what Wilson did

A Week Day

it should be a sacrifice on us .... to stop the traffic - stop the city - wake up the sheeple

Who are these people that

Who are these people that set this up?

We already have a revolution march team and board. Why another team starting a new venture instead of working with the original team that founded the first march in DC?


fireant's picture

There are so many different groups...

all wanting to do pretty much the same thing it is both heartening and confusing at the same time. Lots of groups are working on forming a coalition of groups. The freedom movement, in my view, will eventually coalesce around whoever has the best organization, communication, and funding. For sure though, folks are waking up in droves. While we are doing all this planning, we need to continue softening the target with salvos of all kinds. I think HARD COPY is much more effective than electronic mail. Here is one option:
We WILL get there attention.

Undo what Wilson did

But this is exactly our

But this is exactly our problem and why we don't get things done.

People need to start working together to increase our numbers INSTEAD of dividing us into other groups. Unity is the key to success in any movement and all great movements are always destroyed from within. Always have been!


fireant's picture

Yes and no.

First, here is an effort to form a coalition of groups:
I understand that ideally if all the major activist groups were to coalesce we would be more effective with action. On the other hand, I know cats can't be herded. I have about reached the conclusion that with so many different websites, all with owners who have egos and are likely swamped just with their work, it is probably best to just let each work their own way because the cummulative effect will be equivilant anyway. For example, I'm trying to get folks to fill DC up with paper; I mean literally overwhelm them with millions of Constitutional Violations. At the same time, others are managing email campaigns for one issue or another, fax campaigns, end the Fed rallies, RP rallies, the list just goes on and on, not to mention Bob Schultz's CC effort. Every day I discover some new site or effort. Such is the nature of liberty, which is truly bottom up rather than a well oiled top down movement.
My message to everyone remains the same. Regardless of what is decided upon as a solution or action, the one central step which MUST occur is to increase our numbers, and the best way to accomplish that is not on the net, but by waking up our neighbors. That is why I designed handouts which are cheap, one sheet of paper so anyone can reproduce and distribute locally. http://www.scribd.com/people/view/4975153-fireant .There are plenty of other tools available, including DVDs, magazines, brochures, etc, but none as cheap as one sheet of paper, which also includes an action step in the form of Violation Tickets, which serves to begin taking power back in the "House".
So, while we are thinking about unifying, organizing rallies, etc, we all need to be about waking neighbors, and in my view, quick. The time is ripe and we don't have much of it. If we wait for a financial collapse or the next 911 to do the job, I fear the masses will inadvertantly demand tyranny or world government to make things better. My $.02.

Undo what Wilson did

I wanna go !!!

Bump !!

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain

Right On!

Yeah! Been wanting to return to D.C. :)

Typokitty =^-^=

Ah there you are Typo! Keep

Ah there you are Typo! Keep an eye on your inbox, me and Catherine are still working. Want to hear from you!

Bump for this March!

Thumbs up for a good rally!