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MarketWatch.com Front Page: "Paying In Ameros"

Interesting to see this article by Todd Harrison featured on the front page of marketwatch.com:

Years ago, the Federal Reserve wrote a "solution paper" regarding the need to combat zero-bound interest rates. The concern was the flight of capital from the U.S. and an option discussed was a two-tiered currency, one for U.S citizens and one for foreigners.

Canadian economist Herbert Grubel first introduced a potential manifestation of this concept in 1999. The North American Currency -- called the "Amero" in select circles -- would effectively comingle the Canadian dollar, U.S. dollar and Mexican peso.

On its face, while difficult to imagine, it makes intuitive sense. The ability to combine Canadian natural resources, American ingenuity and cheap Mexican labor would allow North America to compete better on a global stage.

Experience has taught us, however, that perceived solutions introduced by policy makers and politicians don't always have the desired effect.

Read full article here

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But people who have been bringing this up for years

are "kooks" right?


My liberty-minded home base of thought:



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tin hats and all

Want to know one of the funniest things they did to the language? They got respected, well paid, articulate journalists to start saying "new cue lerr." It is not even hard to say: "New clear." And one quick look at the spelling: nuclear - yup, That "u" is in front of the "c."

OK, that was random!

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