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SCHIFF2010.COM Site Has New Look!


They finished revamping the site. This is a full fledged quality campaign site.

I am personally excited about the thought of Peter running. Having a showdown with Dodd, the posterboy for this housing crisis vs Schiff who knew is was a crisis.

Spread the word thoughtout the social networks. That is the battle ground for a Senate race like this.

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these would be some

these would be some incredible debates to watch, it would remind me of when the presidential debates were on TV and would watch RP. I hope he runs, our movement could get a lot of exposure.

Doubt it

I would really like to hear more from Peter on this. I might just call in tonight on Wall Street Unspun his broadcast he does Wednesday evenings.

I see it this way, even if he does not want to run for senate, we are building online support for him if he decides to run for president. I have a feeling he want the top job.

I do not know if they would even let him in the debates. They always let Steve Forbes in. I am putting my chips on him or Gary Johnson who has the insider credibility being a former Governor.Of course unless Dr. Paul runs.

Actually imagine that, Schiff, Paul and Johnson all on the stage come the 2012 elections.

naa Paul / Schiff! "When

naa Paul / Schiff!

"When governments fear the people there is liberty. When the people fear the government there is tyranny."
-Thomas Jefferson

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