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Constitutional voting

We the people were never intended to vote for -

The state legislature selects the senator for their state.
The state legislature chooses electors to vote for house members.
Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may
direct, a Number of Electors.........and vote by Ballot
for two Persons for president and vice president.

The states in those days held the power,by which the people voted for their state representatives.It would be far easier for you or I to become a representative of our state and the people of the district could make a wiser choice in their rep.

Nowadays the people vote for state reps(house,senate),governor,senators,house of reps,president..........
In choosing all of these positions the majority of people do not make a wise decision,but simply vote straight republican or democrat.The parties continue to stay in power and the people continue to make bad decisions.

I would feel confident if Ron Paul was my representative and he selected the senators and electors.Wouldn't you?
If this rep makes bad decisions then he or she can be removed in two years.

Today the republicans and the democrats offer you their choices and shut out all others with the power of money.
So they do what's best for the party,their interests and throw the people some bones to get reelected.