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FDA report finds multiple problems at peanut plant

WASHINGTON – Roaches, mold, and signs of a leaking roof were among numerous problems federal inspectors uncovered at a Georgia peanut plant implicated in the national salmonella outbreak, the government said Wednesday.

Food and Drug Administration inspectors noted ten separate problem areas in the report, which the agency posted on the Internet.

The report also documented that the plant's owner, Peanut Corp. of America, found salmonella in a dozen internal tests of its products during the past two years. But managers at the plant shipped the peanut butter and peanut paste anyway after getting new tests. The FDA said the company did not initially disclose the first tests to investigators trying to solve the current salmonella outbreak.

Peanut products initially found to be contaminated with salmonella were shipped as recently as last September. Health officials started picking up signals of the outbreak a month later.

Separately, senior congressional and state officials called Wednesday for a federal probe of possible criminal violations at the Blakely, Ga. peanut processing plant.

The company's actions "can only be described as reprehensible and criminal," said Rep. Rosa DeLauro, D-Conn., who oversees FDA funding. "Not only did this company knowingly sell tainted products, it shopped for a laboratory that would provide the acceptable results they were seeking. This behavior represents the worst of our current food safety regulatory system."

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Just a small tidbit.
My father is friends with the owner of another large Georgia based plant (at least part of the operation is) called Kreider Poultry and he was saying the other day that he just acquired much of the factory equipment from the Blakely Georgia plant at largely slashed prices because the company is bankrupt- and has been on the verge for almost two years now.

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Do illegal immigrants work

Do illegal immigrants work here?

I've often said if we could

I've often said if we could "Sue" the FDA for all these problems, we would move to solve many of these issues.

The FDA supposedly regulates the food industry (an impossible task) and the FDA structures and regulates the pharmaceutical industry (an impossible task).

Remember last year when they thought salmonella was in tomatoes? Then, it was peppers etc... They single handedly destroyed many agriculture businesses and farmers. Turned out, the salmonella was contained in a single location and all of those warnings were for not.

Same goes for the pharma industry. How many class action lawsuits do we see. This is after 7-10 years of testing guidelines managed, reviewed and endorsed by the FDA.

Open up lawsuits to the FDA, or abolish it completely!

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This would have bad consequences.

It's bad because it will make them more overly cautious. This will cause them to stop all sorts of medicines from coming to market no matter how small the probability of the medicine being dangerous just avoid a lawsuit.

The chance of public condemnation already creates this kind of bias, but I think the bias would be even worse.

We need to get rid of it or just make compliance with the FDA voluntary.

I see it as healthy that the salmonella peanuts got into the system, because this shows that the FDA wasn't being intrusive enough to prevent it.

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Sure it would have

Sure it would have consequences. Most likely it would bankrupt the FDA after the first class action suit. My point is: We don't need the FDA....Period.

Currently the prevent many medicines from coming onto the market. These medicines are approved for use in other countries, just not here. Besides, if I am dying of cancer and I want to sign up for "experimental" drugs, then I don't want to go to foreign country to do so.

I don't see it as "Healthy" for Salmonella to get into the peanut supply. Sure it shows that the FDA wasn't intrusive enough to prevent it. But, most people don't see it as an FDA failure or having food freedom. They will see it as not enough regulation by the FDA. Whereas they should see the program as a waste of time & money. Because the critical thinking observer will conclude that the FDA cannot prevent any of this because of the vastness of the food supply.

Abolish it

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