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Republicans chew on DeMint

Reminds me of the Senate version of Ron Paul...especially the last paragraph on the seond page:

“People that I’ve even been at odds with — I didn’t think they’d speak to me again,” DeMint said. Singling out former GOP Sens. Pete V. Domenici of New Mexico and John Warner of Virginia, DeMint said that “a lot of them will whisper in my ear: ‘Keep fighting.’”

But it also confirms to me that our leadership is a bunch of cowards.


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Just got a call from Demint

Just got a call from Demint pertaining to a Car Check/Forced Unionism bill the senate is trying to ram through. He needs 1 million signatures to a petition to our senators. He was also asking for a donation to the National Right to Work Committee to help inform everyone about this disastrous bill.

If anyone has any more info or link about this it'd be great for the Revolution to mobilize and sign. I wasn't given a link but will be mailed the petition.