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Ron Paul War Room Up-n-Running!


Ron Paul War Room Up-n-Running!

My thanx to Denise for advising.

Dick Gaines


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What I'd really like this site to become

Orders for Liberty warriors to complete on certain days, weeks, or whenever. It's all volunteer, but people should have the opportunity to RSVP for an event and send to all their friends.

If you want it to become a true "war room" then give people a strategy. My vote would be for people to hand out pictures and quotes from black leaders for peace during February and saying let's all make a positive CHANGE just like Obama Hopes for (haha). Some great black leaders I can think of are:
April Gallop
Cynthia McKinney
Immortal Technique
Martin Luther King Jr.

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Today the RPWR is an on

Today the RPWR is an on again/off again thing--the "experts" must have their sh!thooks in its innards again!

Gunny G
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