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Can the President rescind the Patriot Act?

Does President Obama or any President have the power to rescind the Patriot Act, Military Commissions Act, the Real ID Act, or the Homegrown Terrorist Act?

If no, what can be done to get rid of the legislation?

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10th Amendment initiatives in your State.

Oklahoma has a lot going there, and here is someone involved in it with links
The idea is to get your own state to simply refuse to go along with Federal legislation which violates the 10th Amendment limitations on the Feds. Of course, the states are so addicted to Federal money it is hard to do, but not impossible. We also have to convice locals to stop the insanity of taking Fed money. Hope that helps. The Prez cannot overturn Congressional legislation once enacted.

Undo what Wilson did

By executive order?

Can a new president recind a prior presidents act by executive order?

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Undo what Wilson did


he can choose not to enforce it, though. Congress has to repeal the Patriot Act.