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In Defense of Sweatshops

Here is an interview with Johan Norberg, where he discusses, among other things, his defense of sweatshops and global capitalism.

I think this is good especially for the left-leaning Paul supporters here, to read.


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I didn't read it either

I didn't read it either but yes, sweatshops offer a person of any level to get employment and choose what level of risk they are willing to tolerate. As competition grows these workers are sought by other businesses who offer a better work enviroment and better pay. It actually forces businesses overall to create good work environments in order to employ better workers and create better products and provides a job for anyone. It goes hand in hand with the minimum wage which actually destroys jobs and opportunity overall.

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It's a long read...

...so I'll pass, but I will nevertheless presume to summarize his thesis:

Working long hard hours in a sweatshop or a dangerous factory is seen as leading to a better life than starving in the pristine wilderness or working even harder for less reward on the cherished family farm.

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