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Just so we're all on the same page...

The Bailout/Stimulus Bill that just passed IS necessary.... necessary for the coming destruction/collapse....

Nobody should be surprised it passed.... None of us should be shocked at any of the actions our government has taken so far... they've pretty much been inevitable.

The best thing we can do, is try and explain the situation to as many people as possible, get involved in the political process, and prepare for the worst. That way, we'll be ready and around after all of this, and then be there to take this country back and make sure none of this ever happens again....

Sometimes, you have to start from scratch....

Additionally, the system is destroying itself... Keynesian economics, socialism, corporatism, etc. will undo themselves... it essentially will make our job easier, as we won't have to fight quite as powerful an establishment... They will prove themselves wrong, and we'll be there to say "we told you so, now, try it this way... "

At least we'll be vindicated when all this is over.... In a way, I'm glad Ron Paul didn't win the Republican nomination... for one thing, he probably would have lost against Obama. Of course, he'd have been the better candidate by far, but I seriously doubt we could have competed with Obama's fundraising and mindless zombie supporters... It just was not a year for any Republican.... Even if he had won, of course, he would not be taking the actions our current politicians are taking, but he'd likely have been outnumbered, and those actions would be taken against his will, and none of his ideas would have been used... then, in the end, they'd blame him for it.

This way, if Dr. Paul runs again in 2012 (I sincerely hope so), he'll be vindicated. These bailouts and stimulus packages will not work, and Obama/the democrats will fail miserably.... thereby providing us the perfect opportunity... let's hope.

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Only problem is, as these programs fail

the government will be forced to get so large to keep things under control, our freedoms will be so far gone, we will not be able to fight the system through what now is considered legal means. Every form of opposition could become illegal, and that is when this Revolution will have no choice but to become violent. Violence will be the last means taken by the public to end this nonsense. I am not advocating violence, but I am also not advocating pascifism if extremism is my last option to survive.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

I really don't think this

I really don't think this system is sustainable... the policies, or big government... eventually, they go bankrupt and they can't fund anything... even if they were to resort to tyranny/force/violence, people will only put up with so much, and even slavery doesn't solve the issue of funding... eventually, something has to give, and when it does, their whole system will fall apart.

You keep saying

their whole system as if when it collapses we won't be effected. Stop and think for a minute about economic collapse, what that entails, most people aren't like those found on this site. Trust me, if the thing collapses we are in for some horrendous years, maybe decades.

What's going to happen when the SS checks stop, and the welfare checks stop, and people are going hungry? I don't mean hungry as in missing a meal or two here and there, I mean hungry as in, if I don't feed my family they will die.

Then we get the police state with checkpoints and curfews and riots in the streets. Secret killings of anyone speaking out against the state....

You think it can't happen? I grew up wondering how anything like Nazi Germany could exist. How could a whole country of people be cowed into submission. After all Hitler was just one man. Why would neighbor turn on neighbor, what would it be like to trust no one?

I'm not so mystified by Nazi Germany any longer, I'm watching it happen to our country and I've got a sinking feeling that when WWIII begins, Germany and Japan will be replaced with USA and Great Britian and the bankers will have set up shop in Asia, and the beat will go on.

I hope I'm wrong but when I look around at my country, our government, our culture, our ability as a people to stand by while our country dissolves, nothing would surprise me at this point.

Miamisburg, Montgomery County, Ohio

I agree.

Ron Paul knew the odds were stacked against him in the presidential race, but the mere fact that he was running created a focal point for people.

Short term economic disaster is a forgone conclusion for the entire planet right now. All we can do is educate others and prepare ourselves.

Once we hit "rock bottom" economically, our rulers will no longer be able to govern in the way they did before.




Did that resolution allowing a

president to serve unlimited terms get passed? BO was pretty fast on the draw introducing that one, and it is an open invitation to dictatorship down the road. Will the US be able to get rid of him?

I don't think people would

I don't think people would accept it even if it did...

We can actually thank our crappy 2 party system, because thanks to it, the two sides will likely always be fighting each other, and wouldn't stand to let one party just be allowed to stay in power indefinitely.


stayed for life. Yikes! Obama for life?

agree and well said.

i am who i am, and im here right beside you.

if you build it he will come..........Ron Paul 2012.
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Fortune Favors the Bold

They are designing a new monetary system (they being the international bankers)

Fortune Favors the Bold

well said

Great post.
True Obama with that media frenzy would have won against anyone.


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No One Ever Intends to Pay This Money Back

In some ways I don't have a lot of stress about the bailout. I figure that there is no one in Washington planning on this money ever being repaid. The tax payers will never be able to afford it. I figure that the greatest losers will be our foreign creditors. If they have any brains, they will stop buying our debt immediately. I don't think we will ever make good on any of it.

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