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Patriot Act Used in the GA Peanutbutter Salmonella Case

Now....let me be clear that I think that the plant should have allowed inspectors on-site...but whatever happened to a good old fashioned court order?? AND I feel that they should be shut down permanently for knowingly selling peanut products that contained salmonella. (My two oldest children were sickened in the Peter Pan peanut butter incident).

We now need the anti-terrorism legislation to inspect a peanut factory?? Seriously?

To quote the Assistant Agriculture Secretary, "You do what you've got to do to get the records that you need in a case like this".


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Fighting Terrorism one peanut at a time...

"All great truths begin as blasphemies."

"Human beings with love and compassion are some of the most beautiful creatures in the universe... Those without are a plague on us all."

Picture it....

Big labels...Red White and Blue...

Nationalized Peanut Butter!

Hey..it worked with the banks..why not? rofl