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I Need your help

My oldest her name is April is about to file income tax for the first time. I have tryed to talk to her about it but I am to close to her . The crazy dad syndrome. All i want is for her to make an informed choice. Can you guys give her some links ect Thanks in advance ,Dan P.S I noticed that she was studing economics. That's great I picked up the book opened to the first page. "This publication was made possible through funding by THE GOLDMAN SACHS FOUNDATION" heaven help us.

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what are you wanting help with exactly??

Are you trying to talk her out of filing altogether?


The pros and cons,

Me i wish she stayed out of the system. But i can not make that choice only she can but i told her to take twenty four hours to evaluate the facts . Facts I hope you guys can present to her

If she has a social

it is my opinion that she is already in the system...and until we get more cases of people winning consistently on the "fight the IRS" issues... if her employer paid her a decent sum of money and gave her a W-2/W-4..I don't know that I would not file.

If she was paid in cash, I probably wouldn't file.

You are going to get differing opinions on this site but weigh everything before you (or she) make a final decision on what is best for you to do.

I could certainly be wrong.