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"Outside the box" employment idea

I see a couple folks from NC discussing the poor job situation, and I know there are sapphires there. There is an entire lifestyle that could be taken up by someone adventurous, or willing to try anything. This organization lets you join, then you can go park an RV at their mines and work the claim.

You can also stake a claim of your own, you get 20 acres per person on the claim and you can have 10 claims. You can put (I think) ten people on each claim and stake 20 acres per person. The claim can be lived on but only if it is actively being worked. It is a way to get onto some property for less than $300, and there are real minerals that will pay you real - er, fiat - money.

Staking claims puts one piece of paper between this land we call home and the land grabbers, too.

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I like your Idea, A few years ago my husband bought me a White Proscan 800 classic Id metal detector, I'v found old coins and a bunch of metal junk along the way, I'v always wanted to do something like hunting for gold. I can't wait for the weather to warms up, so I can go digging.

Great Thinking!

This is the kind of thinking I like to see!
Being a lifelong rock hound I would love to do this. I would think most every state has something like it available.


outside the box bump.

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