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The Census is Hiring

I saw this ad in the local paper today. I know a lot of people are hard up and looking for work, so I thought I'd pass this along. Yes, it is working for the Federal government, but yes, the Census is also in the Constitution.

Back in 1999, just back from a trip around the world, unemployed, and hard up for cash, I took a job working for the Year 2000 Census in Seattle. This was still years before I'd heard of Ron Paul, and the only understanding I had of Austrian economics was an intuitive one. And let me tell you, working for the Census was a great learning experience. I learned a lot about government waste. But it also got me through and, as very mundane events can do, it changed my life. But that is a story for another time.

So there you go - do with it what you will. If you can read and you can write, you are no doubt eligible for a job. Sign of the times, friends. Sign of the times.

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"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win!"

"The belief is worthless if the fear of social and physical punishment overrides the belief."


The ONLY information anyone is Constitutionally required to give is how many people live in your house. The census is to determine representation and direct taxes. (of which there hasn't been any direct state taxes for two hundred some years)
ANYTHING else they ask you is unconstitutional! All the other info they ask..."How many toilets do you have in this house","How much money do you make?","Are you white, African-American, Indian, or Latin-American?"...
all that info is data-mining. They want data - don't give it to them! Tell them the number of people that live in your house, that's it. That is all you are constitutionally required to give.

I applied last week

I applied and took the test last week. There were a lot of people applying. They had testing sessions twice a day for the whole month with on average 10-15 people at each one, so we’ll see. Haven’t heard anything yet. I’m surprised their hiring so early seeing that the census isn’t until next year.

I worked for the census last year (it was a “special census”). I worked in the office. I didn’t get paid as much as an enumerators did, but that’s ok because I didn’t feel comfortable going door to door in the dark at night in March, plus I heard the residents in the town were pretty uncooperative. Fyi-If you are hired you are required to take an oath to the constitution and also get fingerprinted.

How about...

How many toilets?

Oh and here is your free copy of America: Freedom to Fascism

Have your heard of Campaign for Liberty?

I can't help it, I am a practical person

Imagine what a group of insiders could do if they decided to screw around... :) (Innocent smile...)

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

keep in mind this is a

keep in mind this is a federal job, and results in you working for the Fed. Govt. and liable for income tax

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everyone pays taxes

don't be so silly ;)

oh except 2 of Obama's key people.

The rules don't apply for the people who make the rules.

A great empire, like a great cake, is most easily diminished at the edges. - Ben Franklin

Thanks, sure some will find this helpful. I know I will!

Thanks, sure some will find this helpful. I know I will!

As my wife does....

Go ahead and call me a contrarian! These days I wear the title proudly.

"What have you done for Ron Paul today"?

Yes, it's in the Constitution...but not in it's present form!

I believe our Constitution calls for an "enumeration". That means a count, for those of us in Rio Linda. I have refused for years to answer census questions beyond this one:

1) Question - How many people live at your address?
2) Answer - Two

Question - How many toilets?
Answer - None of your business

Question - How many miles do you drive to work?
Answer - None of your business

Question - What is your race?
Answer - Does "human" count?

Catch my drift? End of story.

I will do the same again in 2010. If they want to fine me, jail me....so be it. It hasn't happened yet (and probably won't).

I guess if people are desperate for a job I can't blame them for getting a little of their own money back. But if you come to my door with your name badge and clip board be prepared for an in depth explanation of why you'll only get one short answer from me.

"What have you done for Ron Paul today"?

There other

positions beside enumerator. I did it in 1990, 2000, and have applied and taken the test for this one. I won't take an enumerator job because I live in a rural area and I have done it before and I don't feel it is safe. You end up in some scary places with some scary people and they won't let you take anyone with you. Although I have in the past. It was hard on my car too. Tore my transmission out. Some of the roads I had to go down I even had to park and jump creeks. Some had signs saying tresspassers will be shot ect. I was a crew leader (supervisor) and one of my crew had a gun pulled on him. Country folk don't take kindly to government snooping around asking questions out here sometimes.On the other hand you meet some other folks who want you to stay for dinner. There are recruiters and field operations office jobs too. They don't pay quite as well but that is what I'm going for this time because I have driving issues due to nuerological problems.In some ways I prefered working outside the office. I liked being a crew leader. There are some questions they will encourage you to answer but not are required. keep in mind that they are very hard on the enumerators and crew leaders who can't get as much info as possible. Worlink out in the field pays 16-17 an hr plus mileage. Office jobs 12-14 an hr and are all very flexible. Full or part time. I did just about every aspect of the jobs.