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Honest Money Update

Hi all,

Things are starting to roll... thought I'd drop y'all an update.

SB 453 Status
The bill is in the Tax and Fiscal Policy Committee, and is still waiting to be read. We remain hopeful that Senator Hershman, committee chair, will see the merits of Honest Money and present the bill to the committee. We've heard Senator Hershman's email box has been busy... lets keep it that way!!

Senator Dennis Kruse
Has requested,, and was added as a co-sponsor of SB 453. Thank you Senator Kruse!

Action Alert!
Speaking of Senator Hershman, I wrote the following letter to him as well as posting a Action Alert for others to write their Senators as well.
Action Alert - Letter to your Senator
My letter to Senator Hershman.

James Turk and Devvy Kidd
Both gave us props and coverage in excellent articles!
Restoring Sound Money in America by James Turk @ GoldSeek.com
HONEST MONEY BILL - STATES MUST ADOPT by Devvy Kidd @newswithviews.com

Colorado Honest Money Act!!
We found out yesterday that Colorado has an Honest Money bill in committee, stay tuned for more information.

HOUSE BILL 09-1206

Jointly sponsored by Representative Kent Lambert and Senator Kevin Lundberg.

Ohio Honest Money

We've had interest from some folks in Ohio, so I am working on converting the Indiana Honest Money Act to the Ohio Honest Money act. I'm making a presentation in St. Mary's Ohio on Wednesday night to a JBS meetup group.

Site Traffic for the month of January.

We had 13534 unique visitors visit 15924 times. Visitors from 84 countries, with the US and Poland leading the list at 1 and 2.

#1 Visitor location was Kabul Afghanistan, visiting approximately 25 times in the last 2 weeks. I'm assuming that this a data center that is used by GIs stationed there...

Facebook group - Gold and Silver for every State

Steve Gresh from Pennsylvania started the above Facebook group.... within 24 hours he had 500 members, and a week later, 900. If you're on Facebook, look us up!

YouTube Videos

A video promoting us turned up on YouTube - Indiana Honest Money Promo - Kythma

I contacted the fellow who put it up to thank him. When he offered to help out further, I put him to work...
Check out our new video please... I think you'll like it.. Thanks Kythma!

Stay tuned, this train is just getting started...

In liberty,


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