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"The Spy Factory" tonight on PBS 8PM ET

James Bamford's "The Spy Factory" is on tonight on PBS. He was just on CNN and talked about all the information the NSA has on us and the topic of the interview was "the thought police". Seems they are talking Minority Report into reality. The girl interviewing talked about knowing what we buy, what searches we've made, when we go through a toll booth. It's scary. They have all this info.

Maybe someone recorded this interview, but I'd definitely tune in.

UPDATE: Article:

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So the only solution is...

Grow our movement so large that it's logistically impossible to track all of us, read all our emails, listen to all our phone calls, etc. I know they only actually pay attention to those tripped by "key words", but a person still has to go back and listen to the tapes and make decisions.

If only 1% of the population is involved in the NWO, their resources available to carry on their dirty activities, monitor and control everything and squash the truth are limited, even if you consider their willing/unknowing lackeys.

They are miserable right now attempting damage control and trying to put fires out (the RP movement has caused them "significant future damage", according to a Bilderberger insider).

Let's keep 'em busy and miserable!

Remember; we can operate out in the open, and we function on TRUTH. They function by secrecy and lies but must keep that mask of normalcy on at all times.

Let's use this to our advantage. Keep spreading the word far and wide! And consider starting your own local radio station!

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YouTube Trailer

Here's the trailer for the documentary tonight:

Stock up, it's gonna be a long winter.

A great empire, like a great cake, is most easily diminished at the edges. - Ben Franklin

That show also got mention

That show also got mention on "NBC Nightly News" last night.