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Pro-Wrestling Celeb "Kane" writes article on LewRockwell blog touting Austrian Economics

Glenn Jacobs, aka WWE star wrestler "Kane" is an RP supporter, and member of the RP Revolution.

While pro-wrestlers might often be thought of as "low-brow", Glenn Jacobs is apparently from a different mold, and is thoughtful and informed on the important subject matters today.

He has written an "Open letter to Robert Reich" today, and it is posted on Lew Rockwell's blog site. His photo is at the bottom of the page, and he's wearing an "RP Revolution" sweatshirt.

Here's the link:

You just never know where you'll find the next RP supporter, and helper of the cause! Highly visible personalities can really help.

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I just had to send this to

my sister who follows wrestling with wholehearted fervor yet is not interested in politics/economic policies in any way, shape or form...

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I envy him to an extent

When he gets frustrated with how things are going he gets to throw his coworkers off the top of a steel cage, that would be a good outlet for letting out some stress. Then again the whole getting your butt beat for a living would be a downer.

Hopefully, he can expose some of his fans to the concept of Liberty. I will be great full for anyone who steps up like this.

Thank you Dr. Paul for making me act on what I already knew was right.

*May the only ones to touch your junk, be the ones you want to touch your junk.*


For all the shit around here that totally pisses me off, I still, do so love America, Americans... and the 'extreme' (I'm often told by people from elsewhere) that only a place like America seems to offer up... to contend with her own extremes like the War Party. (However, the implication is that NO ONE ELSE will be dropping in to save us from ourselves for peace. Let's not forget that.)

The dichotomy is so profound that it fills me with optimism and an ornery hellion's lust to reek havoc upon the plans and aspirations of the murderous elite, when I see Kane leaves the face paint and fancy boots in the dressing room, and tickles the keyboard with his autodidact erudite brilliance.


Nice to see Americans speaking out.

Good for Kane.

made me think of a ticket

Jesse Ventura(body)/Glen Jacobs(Kane)2012

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Can't wait

'til Reich starts in with the ad hominem arguments. Thereby lending Jacobs credibility, or at least damaging his own.

"What, a pro-wrestler schooling me on economics? Pshaw!"