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Ohio Congresswoman: Foreclosed owners should squat in their own homes

Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur is a high-profile advocate of an increasingly popular mode of fighting foreclosures best known for it's key phrase: "Produce the note."

By telling a bank to "produce the note," a homeowner can delay foreclosure by forcing the lender to prove the suing institution is actually the same which owns the debt.

"During the lending boom, most mortgages were flipped and sold to another lender or servicer or sliced up and sold to investors as securitized packages on Wall Street," explains the Consumer Warning Network. "In the rush to turn these over as fast as possible to make the most money, many of the new lenders did not get the proper paperwork to show they own the note and mortgage.


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This girl has been very profound in her statements ...

since the crisis began.

She voted no on all the bailout plans except the most recent one.

She will regret her latest vote and become a RP democrat.

I have no doubt about it.

MK not DK is our closest friend from OHIO.