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So What Else is New? News is "What's New?" Who Creates What's New? Why You Do, That's Who!

How much news do I need to watch? Is it really that necessary to watch the news when I myself can create what is new?

Should I have to "stay current" and base the story of my own life around things being reported by others? If so, how much is recommended?

News seems like an absurd manifestation of a collective identity crisis - the collective way in which we are imagining ourselves to be and trying to call it truth. News may be nothing more than trying to reinforce a fictional story of our collective lives. Why would it be fictional? Because of our ignorance.

What would happen if we all just one day stopped telling our stories?

What is the motivation for consuming news information? Is it restlessness? How nourished do you feel by what you are consuming?

If life, reality, and the world are all just imaginative constructs composed of all our past impressions and limited knowledge, that means we can stop and re-imagine ourselves at any point. Right from where you stand, in every direction extends infinity, the possibilities for new relativity based perceptions are endless.

- When you are an example of peace, so too will others become peaceful, and the world will become a peaceful place, for we are the world.

- The best and only true government is self-government.

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