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Of 10 calls to my business today, 9 were people looking for jobs

Life is getting stranger and stranger by the day.

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Yep. I've received more job

Yep. I've received more job applications in the past 3 months than any year before. A lot of my current staff are 2nd & 3rd jobbers. We pay minimum wage because there's no sense paying more than that when so many people are willing to work.

"Live free or die: Death is not the worst of evils." -- General John Stark.

"Live free or die: Death is not the worst of evils." -- General John Stark.

Hi BIG SCREW Bzsinsky! "When

Hi BIG SCREW Bzsinsky!

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I'm about 3 out of 10 calls but yeah it's tough out there.

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I got one kid come by last week

Just got out of the army, he was at Arlington on funeral detail. He is a good kid, I would have loved to hire him, but I can't pay much for staring out the window.

I had about 10 calls today, 4-5 were for "important offers just for me", the rest were for folks wanting to rent trenchers, it seems a lot of people are wanting to bury things the last month or so.

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