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Kentucky - Fema and National Guard are Everywhere

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I live out in rural Kentucky

My power was knocked out last week for 2 days. The National Guard did stop by and left to provide provisions and shelter assistance but other than that they didn't do anything drastic like in Katrina. The National Guard, under the command of our governor, is currently clearing all the broken branches and frozen trees blocking the sides roads outside my neighborhood but all the major roads are fine now at least where I live. I'm just glad my trees that was wrapped in like 2-inch layer of ice didn't knocked out my power lines or my house in the backyard.

Sunday was actually sunny but now it's freezing cold and snowing again...

We saw a convoy

of national guards entering a local truckstop near our home in Northern Kentucky. Most vehicles carried a single guardsman (driving), and most of them were the same age as our son. We have power and none of them has come to our home or approached us about our guns.

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Is this called Winter?

--and I'm not saying that I'm prepared---but this praise and
worship of Government salvation is sad---and I'm sure it's not
the whole story. Thanks for the videos.

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Any news of gun confiscation in the 'disaster area'?

I've been looking but I'm sure it won't be on any MSM news.

Will we find out in six months that Blackwater was patrolling and confiscating weapons for the 'public safety'?

Anyone hear anything from their KY relatives or friends? It may be our only link to the truth.

I may not know the truth, but I know when I'm being lied to...

I may not know the truth, but I know when I'm being lied to...

My friend is a hunter

Nothing mentioned about guns

I personally know someone in Kentucky

he lives in Hawseville. He was approached at his home by the National guard, He has a generator and a little food but was really low on water so they gave him a case of bottled water and left. They also offerd him blankets and food but he didnt need them

It sounds like...

it is sooo incredibly cold there that...that...water is freezing.

My friend says

practically every single power pole is snapped in half. He lives around lots of trees and says you can walk out on his porch and hear all the branches breaking off, his trees are all damaged, his words exactly on the phone "It looks like a war zone"


frozen water does that sort of thing.


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