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Vital info for getting RP Republicans to win next election!


This article talks about the most effective advertising for your money. For those who don't want to read, I'll summarize. He says that your ad needs to evoke a strong emotional response and that the best ads are billboards (which should be limited to 8 words) and radio.

I looked it up and a billboard costs $700-$2,500 a month. A 30-sec radio ad could be anywhere from $250-$2,000 depending on the time, frequency and location. I also read that a radio ad could cost $21,000 to complete but that seems a bit high to me. Share this info with your meetups. I know a lot of them are doing some kind of End the Fed outreach, so this might be of use to them.

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I wonder if he would run with Ventura ?

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This is a great idea. I

This is a great idea. I think every meet up group could afford a billboard for a month. Maybe an idea for the next End the Fed protest?