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Questions on Military

I just found the Daily Paul today (2/3/08), and I’m hoping someone can inform me on the Libertarian/Ron Paul Republican platform regarding defense.

From what I read of Ron Paul’s website during the campaign, he:
-wanted withdrawal from Iraq,
-withdrawal from foreign bases,
-non-interventionist foreign policy.

However, I don’t remember reading anything regarding the size of the force, military spending on equipment, and investments in military technologies.

So I ask, what are the platform views? If I misinterpreted any of Dr. Paul's views, please inform me.

Thank you.

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Welcome HerrAJWooly!

Here is a link that takes you to the Campaign for Liberty website to the "foreign policy" section !!

Ron Paul was in the Air Force as a flight surgeon and also he recieved more contributions from the military ( active and retired) than all the other candidates! He is a strong supporter of Veterans rights and active military rights. He believes in a strong national defense but opposes interventionist undeclared wars on the basis of constitutional, security, economic and moral grounds. He does not feel that the constitution gives us the right to be the "policeman" of the world and many times our actions of agression provoke and incite hatred and violence towards us.

Please follow this link to the foreign policy page and there is a weath of information, links, books etc.. there!


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Welcome to the dailypaul

Welcome to the Ron Paul world. Ron Paul as far as the military, well he didn't vote for Iraq because it was not constitutional and it was not in our interests. Ron Paul believes in a strong military, he just wants us to stop spending soo much money on oversees bases and bring that money home by closing those bases and saving our country millions, perhaps billions of dollars. He believes in a non-interventionist foriegn policy like the founding fathers. I mean if we got attacked by another country, he'd go to war with them, but he thinks the security of america will be better off without our country doing stuff in foriegn countries and areas mixing up feelings about the US and bringing hatred and economic collapse to our country. Basically he belives in saving money, a strong national defense, sound money, following the law, etc.


Read his books

He's written a lot of them.

"A Foreign Policy of Freedom: Peace, Commerce, and Honest Friendship" is a good start.

"Freedom Under Siege" is great.

"The Revolution: A Manifesto" is a must-read.

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From what

I understand the country is bankrupt and is being propped up by imaginary money so I don't see much money in the budget for anything even defense.
If there was money Dr. Paul wanted a military for Defense not Offense. If you go to Campaign for Liberty video files you may get the info you are seeking. Sorry I can't be more helpful. Here's a bump

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He favors a "strong national defense"

Which is kinda vague. I don't think I ever heard him enter in to specifics on this issue.

I wish he would adopt Hans-Hermann Hoppe's position tho...