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A Winning Strategy

I have been mulling over the best strategy for getting our country back. Here is the strategy I think will be most effective:

1. Focus on building from the ground up. We should focus on winning the smallest seats first and work our way up. This movement will grow but has limited resources right now. If we go after the big offices right now, especially considering most of our candidates don't have much needed experience, we are spreading ourselves too thin.

2. Every year a list should be compiled of all the offices that are open in our respective states, counties and districts. We should then actively seek one liberty candidate to run in each of these offices. As soon as we have a candidate running for each position, the list should be posted on every state coordinators' blog.

3. We should all set aside 1% of our income to save in a war chest for liberty candidates. The average American makes $50,000 a year. 1% of that is $500. Then after the list of liberty candidates is posted, we should divvy up our individual savings among the candidates, however we choose. This way, we are prepared to finance our candidates when they run and don't have to worry about whether or not we can afford to donate.

4. Focus advertising efforts on billboards, signs and radio. These forms of advertising reach the most people. Advertising on a billboard for an entire month might run you around $700. Radio can be anywhere from $250-$2,000. Spending money on TV ads has shown not to be as effective. Also, ads should evoke an emotional response from the audience. Studies have shown that these kinds of ads get the greatest return.

5. Get a precinct leader in every precinct to doorbell for their candidate. The precinct leader should get help from others within Campaign for Liberty to doorbell as well. Personal contact from a neighbor is very effective.

This is the strategy I have come up with that I think will be most effective. What are some suggestions or comments that you might add to improve upon it?

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