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The Forgotten Right

The moment the idea is admitted into society that property is not as sacred as the laws of God, and that there is not a force of law and public justice to protect it, anarchy and tyranny commence. If ‘Thou shalt not covet’ and ‘Thou shalt not steal’ were not commandments of Heaven, they must be made inviolable precepts in every society before it can be civilized or made free.”

– John Adams (1787)[1]

It is starting to become apparent to even the most disinterested observer that something much bigger than even a worldwide recession is happening. The seeds of revolution have taken root. Iceland led the way by taking to the streets to force regime change through peaceful demonstration. The French are currently protesting en masse against their government’s bailout of the banking system. One would be naïve to think that these are isolated incidents. It is apparent that these are just early warning signs of a worldwide cauldron that is about to boil over, catalyzed by the financial and economic cataclysm that will plunge untold millions into poverty and desperation.

While I applaud the peaceful demonstrations going on in France and Iceland, I also recognize that they are premature. As did Americans in the last election cycle, these Europeans are demanding “change.” However, also like Americans in the last election cycle, they have failed to first answer the crucial questions, “From what? To what?” They have not looked within to assess who they are, what their society is, and what they want it to be. Therefore, they run the risk of simply replacing one oppressive tyranny for another.

Likewise, we will never regain our freedom in America until we address the fundamental problem in our society. I say “the problem,” because at the root of all of what we perceive as a myriad of problems, including the police state, the welfare state, the warfare state, the military industrial complex, the Wall Street oligopoly, the high cost of healthcare and education – everything – there is one philosophical problem that ultimately leads to them all: the repudiation of property rights.

It is likely difficult for most 21st century Americans to absorb this statement, based upon the fact that they have been told now for generations that property is about greed, that accumulating property is oppression, or even that “property is theft.” However, let us look back at the philosophers who inspired our founders and see what they have to say about property. Of course, as I have written here, the primary philosophical basis for the American Revolution came from Locke. What did Locke have to say about the purpose of government?

““The great and chief end, therefore, of men's uniting into commonwealths, and putting themselves under government, is the preservation of their property.”[2]

Certainly this statement must be startling to most 21st century Americans, who believe that they are supposed to look to their government to fight unemployment, manage the economy, ensure access to healthcare, promote democracy abroad, and pursue a myriad of other ends outside of protecting property. Surely, Locke has over-emphasized property rights here, has he not? Certainly he is alone in his simplistic assessment of the role of government, is he not?

He is not. In seeking guidance on how to construct our government, the American founders also looked to the ancients, particularly the Roman Republic. There, we find Cicero writing,

“For the chief purpose in the establishment of constitutional state and municipal governments was that individual property rights might be secured. For, although it was by Nature's guidance that men were drawn together into communities, it was in the hope of safeguarding their possessions that they sought the protection of cities.”[3] [emphasis added]

The conditioned response of Americans today is to view these ideas as a defense of one class of people at the expense of another. We have been trained to associate “property” as a concern of the “property class,” or in more common American terms, “the haves,” as opposed to the “have nots.” This is a great deception that has lead directly to our ruin. In fact, it is the poor and those of modest means for whom property rights are most important. It is they who, not possessing significant material wealth, must all the more jealously guard the property that they do have. In the end, however, we are all property owners when one considers the most fundamental, most important property of all: our labor itself.

We learn from Locke that all property has its roots in labor. In order to survive, man must work to produce the means of his survival. This is true for people no matter what their financial circumstances. The doctor, the lawyer, the construction worker, the janitor – yes, even the Wall Street financier – must sell his efforts to his fellow man in order to acquire the means of his survival. Therefore, whoever has control over the individual’s labor has control over the individual’s life, and control over the individual’s future. If I steal all of your possessions, you can acquire more. However, if I appropriate your labor, I own all of the property you can ever or will ever acquire. This is an undeniable reality that we have lost sight of, to our peril.

America was founded upon the idea that each individual had an unqualified right to the fruits of his labor.[4] This more than anything was what the founders meant when they spoke the word “liberty.” It was the extent to which this right was respected that made America different than every other society in history, before or since. This was the great secret that made America the engine of prosperity and innovation that it was. This is what made America the land of opportunity to change one’s lot in life. It was this right that gave birth to the American dream.

However, we no longer hold this right up above all others. Instead, we have become a society that is based upon competing groups seeking to plunder each other via the force of government. The rich plunder their neighbors with corporate bailouts, subsidies, and regulatory fascism. The middle class plunder their neighbors with Social Security, Medicare, and criminal unions. The poor are forced to accept legal plunder that they do not want and which provides them with the most miserable quality of life, when the stolen capital that underwrites it could employ them all if it weren’t seized from its rightful owners. Of course, these examples are only the tip of the iceberg; there is much, much more. Virtually every political movement in America is based upon a promise to provide its followers with other people’s property.

This scenario is neither unprecedented nor has it been unrecognized by the great lights of liberty. Bastiat wrote,

“Men naturally rebel against the injustice of which they are victims. Thus, when plunder is organized by law for the profit of those who make the law, all the plundered classes try somehow to enter — by peaceful or revolutionary means — into the making of laws. According to their degree of enlightenment, these plundered classes may propose one of two entirely different purposes when they attempt to attain political power: Either they may wish to stop lawful plunder, or they may wish to share in it.”[5]

This vision of Bastiat’s has become reality in America. However, it cannot go on forever. Fortunately for humanity, a society based upon legal plunder is ultimately unsustainable. Just as respect for property rights provides the means to prosperity, violation of them leads to poverty and want. As force replaces voluntary exchange, productivity decreases, and subsequently more force is required to plunder even more. This cycle repeats until society is reduced to an authoritarian nightmare, the first signs of which are becoming apparent in the former “land of the free.” If the people wake up, the nightmare can end. If they continue to slumber, the nightmare can get much, much worse.

This is the great truth that we must rediscover before any revolution can be successful. Before we commit to “change,” we must answer the questions, “From what? To What?” The answers to those questions must be “from a nation of looters to a nation of free individuals who acquire property in the only civilized manner: via voluntary exchange." We must reject the use of force as the means to pursue our happiness, and renew our faith in freedom. Once this great work has been accomplished, let the revolution begin.


Check out Tom Mullen’s new book, A Return to Common Sense: Reawakening Liberty in the Inhabitants of America. Right Here!

[1] Adams, John A Defense of the Constitutions of Government of the United States of America (1787)
[2] Locke Second Treatise Ch. IX, Sec. 124
[3]Cicero, Marcus Tullius De Officiis Book II Chapter XXI
[4] “Individuals” who were included in the system. Of course, the founders recognized but did not remedy the obvious contradiction to this inherent in slavery.
[5] Bastiat, Frederic, The Law

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It's no longer in mans' capacity to control....WE just have to try...



"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win!"

"The belief is worthless if the fear of social and physical punishment overrides the belief."

Tom Mullen is

The Man.

Absolutely Correct

The Declaration of Independence cited no life, liberty or property without due process. Jefferson's draft was amended by the Committee and came out with "pursuit of happiness." That was a wrong thing to do.
Moreover, when the police power was changed from the fact that laws could be made to protect health and safety by adding "morals and general welfare."
These were fundamental mistakes. Also, the Supreme Court's rulings that the express powers in the Constitution had "implied" powers attached to them was devastating to freedom and small government.

Sheldon Waxman

World-wide Workless Week

Excellent work. I might want to read another book :).

Stop the gears!

I just Got My Copy in the Mail Today!!!

I am also reading another book called "USA the Republic, A House That No One Lives In" by Lee Brobst
Free download can be found here:

PyraBang for Liberty

PyraBang for Liberty

Thank you for that excellent

Thank you for that excellent link.

have you read "The Red Amendment" By L. B. Bork?

Social Contracts and Freedom

start with the most fundamental principles of liberty. That means placing higher value on the distinction between natural rights and artificial rights than on the notion of "property rights". Some property rights, such as one's homestead, are natural rights. Natural rights, such as "the right to life" and life-supporting properties such as one's homestead, are those we enjoy from the state of nature. The state of nature is our estate as sovereign individuals prior to any social contracts. A social contract is a verbal meeting of the minds among sovereign individuals regarding what artificial rights they will uphold and how they will be upheld. Artificial rights enjoy sanctity only to the extent they entail natural rights.

Freedom is consistent only with those social contracts from which an individual may, at his sole discretion, withdraw at any time to restore his natural rights.

Land is a natural right.

If you read nothing else, read this: A Contract Between Americans

Tremendous Essay - Tom Mullen Par Excellence

People take the next bold step with me, be an American Patriot

"In the end, however, we are all property owners when one considers the most fundamental, most important property of all: our labor itself".

The fruits of our labor are being given away voluntarily because of our ignorance. The only way our ignorance can be overcome is by education. Educate yourself about the law regarding your labor.

It starts here, Determination of Tax Liability


It ends here: Property transferred in connection with performance of services


If you do not work for the Govt. you do not have a tax liability for your property(money) derived from your labor, only that portion in excess(or above) of the fair market value for which you were paid for your labor

You are not cheating the IRS, they have been tricking YOU, educate yourself.


"It's just one big club... and WE ain't in it!"

"Tyrants fear nothing more than insubordination"

"It's just one big club... and WE ain't in it!"

One major clarification ...

"Thou shalt not covet ... " is the LAW of GOD which preceded modern Republicanism by almost 3,000 years. It is the law given to Moses. It is kept by Christianity and was the law of Judaism too, until they embraced their despicable Talmud (which kept that law between Jews but not between Jews and Gentiles ... with the Talmud, the Gentiles became fair game for plunder ... enter the bankers).

Modern Republicanism is the love child of Freemasonry (a secret society which provides advantages for its members TO THE DISADVANTAGE OF EVERYONE ELSE). The god of Freemasonry is Lucifer (aka satan). Even if most lower level Freemasons don't know this, the 30th degree and up certainly do. This information is redily available should anyone care to do the research.

It is thus an oxymoron to think that Republicanism will ever protect property rights unless our law is strictly linked to God's law, and it proclaims that our rights come from Him, not from some "g-d piece of paper" as GWB once described the Constitution.

Freemasonry, itself, was aided and abetted by European Jews and, in the hierarchy of Masonry, the B'nai B'rith (all Jewish) organization is almost at the top of the dung heap. You can bet that every group above them comes right out of their ranks.

Only if we recognize that the Constitution, as proposed by our Freemasonic founding fathers, is utterly defective and unable to secure our rights, can we really go in a direction that will be an improvement rather than a reenactment.

Unfortunately, most of the people on this website have been trained up in a way that they cannot even understand my argument. They are blissful atheists who believe that they can choose whatever lifestyle appeals to them yet demand an honest government that protects their rights. Sigh!!!

My father and uncle are 30+

My father and uncle are 30+ degree masons and they do not worship Satan....

Well, have they read Albert Pike?

He spells it all out In "Morals and Dogmas." I think the pertinent section comes somewhere after page 300, but I'm not positive. .

Also, you could check out the video (on youtube), Riddles in Stone. I think they mention the fact there too.

Perhaps your father and uncle don't know who they're working for. However, that doesn't change the reality.. Besides, the organization is so secretive -- they've taken blood oaths to keep "craft" info secret ... that they may not be fessing up to you.

Sorry! I'll pray for their conversion.


in the system we now live in, all laws being enforced are Roman Civil Laws (maritime/admiralty/commerce) derived from the early Roman Catholic Church. The Constitution was written specifically to keep these laws separate from the sovereign citizens of the (u)nited states of America. With so many misinformation websites on the 'net; the "truth" and facts are getting harder and harder to obtain. However, several individuals as well as current lawyers have reached the same conclusion. We in America are ruled by a fourth branch of government created and then expanded upon over the last 90 years forsaking the original constitution and putting in its place the tyrannical "democracy" we now live under today. The very individuals that have promoted the treason are also the same group pushing the atheist agenda. Because true American history and the reasons behind the original constitution have been kept from the American public, they have little knowledge nor respect for civil liberties. Keep digging for the truth.

PyraBang for Liberty

PyraBang for Liberty

Rome was founded around 753 BC

Roman law is based on Roman CIVIL -- as in government -- LAW, NOT on Roman Catholic Church law.

The Catholic Church is not a republic ... never was, never will be, thank you, Jesus! Christ established His Church as a monarchy! The pope reins, the bishops are princes of the Church ... we don't get to vote on which dogmas we want to believe. Those were handed down by Christ to the earliest Christians and, generation by generation, to us. We believe what Christ taught. PERIOD! As I said, Roman Law is not Roman Catholic Law. I hope I made myself clear.

Protestantism and republicanism go together well, but Protestants came into being about a thousand years after Rome has ceased to be a secular political power. Unfortunately, few Protestants have any real grasp of true history ... they are the victims of their system ... and never cease to confuse the Roman Empire and the Roman Catholic Church. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME THING.

At the time of Christ, the state of Rome had already morphed from a republic into an empire and Rome conquered and ruled the entire known world (all lands surrounding the Mediterranean Sea ... Northern Africa, Europe, Middle East). Until 314 AD, the Roman government sporadically persecuted the Catholic Church (the only Christian church back then). There were 10 major persecutions in less than 300 years and, literally, millions of martyrs ... eyewitness accounts still exist.

When the Roman empire collapsed (about 3/4 of the way through the 5th century) as we are doing right now, it was mostly due to government corruption, loose living and to barbarian invasions (Goths, Vandals, etc) and chaos reined for quite a while as the Roman government could not protect its citizens. Knowledge of the civil Roman law survived mostly in books, thanks to Catholic monasteries. The civil law that prevailed after that time was tempered by Church teachings ... slavery was ultimately rejected (not so much by governments, as in the hearts of men) ... and feudalism grew up in its place. (Before anyone takes pot shots at that era, you need to know that serfs were secure in all the necessities of life. They paid about a month's wages for their land and could not be put off of it. True, they had no central heat or indoor plumbing, but neither did the king). Besides, serfs did not have to fight wars ... that was the job of the nobles ... kings, dukes, knights. AND, the nobles paid the cost of war.

Serfdom gradually died out, replaced by a peasantry. There was not a whole lot of interest in Roman CIVIL law until it was rediscovered during the renaissance (12th century). And it's been downhill for humanity ever since.

There is so much misinformation about the Catholic Church and history in general, that I can't blame anyone for not being able to pick out truth from fiction. However, a common sense look at the structure of the Catholic Church should raise serious doubts about all the pre-conceived notions that exist in this stupidest of stupid republics.

An interest in Republicanism was reignited by the (so-called) Enlightenment, which has brought onto our doorstep the darkest Dark Ages ever experienced on earth. The founding fathers were the flaming liberals of their time. They seem wise by our standards because their ideas, as expressed in their statements, retained many of the ideals and virtues of 1000 years of European Catholic culture that they were in the process of overthrowing. They were reestablishing a PAGAN state in opposition to a Christian state. Oddly enough, most of them realized that their new Republic would only work if the people actually remained virtuous. I wonder when, if ever, it occurred to them that they were killing the goose that laid the golden egg by enshrining secularism? Before they died, I believe a few of them figured it out. Good for them, but too late for us.

There IS a lot of disinformation about the Catholic Church

Unfortunately, some of it comes from the Catholic Church itself.

The most interesting thing you said is that the Pope is the King of the church.

If there is a King of the church, I submit to you that it's not the Pope, and that we require no more Princes than only one worth mentioning in the Bible.

Serfs *were* slaves. A slave is someone who can't quit -- the condition of slavery has nothing to do with other conditions of treatment. Serfs were slightly different in that they couldn't be fired or sold without the land they lived on either, but it's a minor distinction.

The Roman Catholic Church *did* merge with the State. In 380 BC, the Catholic primacy of the Bishop of Rome was declared by the Emperor of Rome, Theodosius. This was not a concept that had existed in the three hundred years prior. All the other churches were relatively self-supporting.

Did it never strike you as odd, that a religion born in Israel, and promulgated mostly in its early years through Greece, should end up seated in Rome?

This happened because the Roman Empire made it their state religion. They *merged*. The secular power of the church was tied to that powerful phrase, "Roman Empire" through various guises, all the way into the nineteenth century, when Napoleon tore it down.

The Catholic Church centralized and consolidated due in large part to secular and corrupt influences. The Protestant Reformation was the real historical force that attempted to go back to the beginning and figure out where things had gone wrong, and how to correct them.

The Founding Fathers were wise. They saw the value that came out of the conflict between Church and State since the high middle ages -- the rise of the middle class, trade, art, and industry. They sought, within the Constitution, to institutionalize that kind of conflict.

But they saw the other side of this as well. They didn't want to institutionalize the Church, because they saw what differences in political beliefs caused in terms of regional wars. They knew that each state had its own predominant religion, that did not necessarily mesh well with their neighbors. Hence, Federalism, and no establishment of religion, or religious tests of office.

You do your catechism service, but you may want to get information from alternate sources before you declare everyone else to be historical "ignorami". I strongly recommend a very thorough video series called "Total Onslaught" by Amazing Discoveries at:


Most of it can be viewed online for free. It's long, but fascinating and very, very, thorough. The guy who teaches it is both an ex-atheist and an ex-Catholic of good education.

I recommend it for believers and non-believers alike. There are some fascinating NWO connections. Plus, it's a good subject to understand some of what might be going on in the POTUS's head if we ever get a self-described "Christian"-wannabe nutcase like GWB in office again.



Peter and Paul were martyred at Rome,

during the persecution of Nero, having already established the Church there. Their tombs are in Rome, and the catacombs testify to the fact of the martyrdom of the early Christians.

Ever hear the saying that "all roads lead to Rome?" Well, that's why they established the Church there ... it was a central location from which they could evangelize the empire as Christ had commanded them to do. Constantine, the first Roman Emperor to outlaw the persecution of Christians, left Rome and established the seat of power in Constantinople (which he named after himself ... it's now called Istanbul).

Unfortunately, as there are about 60,000 +/- Protestant denominations (and all of them put together don't add up to the worldwide Catholic population, and each have their own set of beliefs), I have little to go on regarding what you believe and where you're coming from. So, as a Protestant, I don't think you're in a position to guide anyone to the truth.

As to the former atheist, former Catholic (you don't mention what he is now),
he obviously has an ax to grind. Perhaps I'll find time to watch and comment, but, as it's long and, no doubt full of half-truths, the task seems a bit daunting to me right now.

The Protestant countries did give us central banks, the industrial revolution, and any number of other "improvements" I would love to live without. . .

The only mention of the

The only mention of the separation of Church and state is in a letter from Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury, Connecticut Baptists. The freedom of religion in the first ammendment to the Constitution was the freedom to practice any religion; no state sanctioned religion would be permitted. The founders all warned that freedom could never survive if the people did not retain morally good lives. Looks pretty bleak for us with 4,000 abortions performed daily in this country and the legalization of sodomy. What we sow, we reap.



Great, great, great!

Excellent post.


O.P.O.G.G. - Fighting the attempted devolution of the rEVOLution
Ron Paul 2012...and beyond

Amazing Essay...

Great work and very well written, may i re-post this and spread it around (with your name attached of course) This is something that should go viral!

Tom Mullen's picture

Thank you, Avit

and please do post this anywhere you wish, but please include the link to my book. I appreciate the support!

Tom Mullen

Great Post. Beautifully written.

This is the spirit of America.

"America was founded upon the idea that each individual had an unqualified right to the fruits of his labor.[4] This more than anything was what the founders meant when they spoke the word “liberty.” It was the extent to which this right was respected that made America different than every other society in history, before or since. This was the great secret that made America the engine of prosperity and innovation that it was. This is what made America the land of opportunity to change one’s lot in life. It was this right that gave birth to the American dream."

How sad to think that this beautiful spirit of freedom and individual rights should give way to socialism / communism, which is the dream plan of the super rich on this planet, the greedy and corrupt power seekers. .

A few minor tics

If the people wake up, the nightmare can end. If they continue to slumber, the nightmare can get much, much worse.

If it were only that simple. Most Americans must surely know by now that the U.S. - and the rest of the world - is in big trouble. But it's complex, because most people (for now) have jobs, kids, responsibilities and other duties that take them away from trying to correct whatever wrongs they perceive. As well, there seems to be an atmosphere of futility. How does one stop unemployment, bank closings, the likely demise of the dollar, and greed (to name a few challenges)? I have no answers, but I am pretty awake and I don't see the nightmare ending any time soon.

We must reject the use of force as the means to pursue our happiness, and renew our faith in freedom. Once this great work has been accomplished, let the revolution begin.

Faith in freedom won't cut it, especially if there is ever martial law. Freedom is relative to where you live and what social and poltical controls are in place. We have seen the Constitution eviscerated to the point where we have far fewer freedoms today than did our forefathers. Skip a mortgage payment and see how truly free you are.

fireant's picture

Were I able to command everyone read something...

for the cause of liberty, I believe this essay would be it. Nice job!

“It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds”
-Sam Adams

Undo what Wilson did

Great Post!

Thank you, Tom! Will make it a point to get your book.

And for everyone here, Tom will be speaking on Sat, Mar 7, at the Liberty Forum's conference next month in Nashua, NH.

Have you read UN Agenda 21?

UN Agenda 21 Sustainable Development is where we are heading.

I have been watching old episodes of twilight zone and outer limits.. it's all there.. the human response to globalization.

Tom Mullen's picture

UN Agenda 21

Hello Granger,

I have glanced over the latest UN recycling of "destroy property rights to save the environment." I must confess I haven't read it carefullly for the details, as I am very confident that I will find nothing new there other than the twisted idea that enslaving people will keep them from generating too much smog. That is their platform; ours is freedom. I believe that once both platforms get a fair hearing (and I believe that they will in the coming years), ours will win in a landslide. In the meantime, I thank you for continuing to point out what these maniacs are up to.

Tom Mullen