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Two more quick questions on metals..

Quick and easy..
1) rounds or bars and does it matter?

2) Does it matter which manufacturer it is..I see a difference in price by manufacturers..Would that be just because of their own supply?

Some of you have already been a HUGE help and I appreciate that..Gotta love my fellow DPers..; )

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I have various...

I have various mintages and dates of both bars and rounds.

There are some people who swear by bullion with numismatic value, and indeed, pre-1933 US gold is trading for >$1200 right now. But it doesn't matter to me. Some refiners and mint will serialize their bars, but other than that, it's all the same metal.

The numismatic stuff will cost you a premium.

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.999 silver is the way to go.

If that is stamped on the coin, who cares where it is minted is my way of thinking. The value is in the content of the coin, not what is pressed on it. If say, Canada goes bust, their hard currency money is still good, isn't it? That is my 2 cents worth. Will someone take a troy oz. of silver from anywhere versus worthless paper money, you bet they will.