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I have a financial question..I would love some help here..

First off let me start by saying thank you very much to those of you who have helped me the past two days with my questions on metals..I'm new to it and you've been very helpful..Which brings me to my final question (hopefully )..I stated in a previous thread that I currently put 1000 dollars a month into a money market account..With the volatiliy in the market, would it be wiser of me to stop putting that money in there and invest it in metals? I would think that it would be more stable in the long run..though not really gaining interest...I'm not a big financial guru..so...any thoughts?
Or maybe 500 to the money market and 500 to metals?
Also I just looked and my mmsa only has a dividend rate of .70%..

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Money Market Accounts

are not as safe as you might think. It is a system based on governments messing around with credit. How sustainable do you think this is, anyway?

Any investing strategy where more than half of the population does it regularly is doomed to failure in the long run.

Personally, I recommend investing in *stuff*. Gold and silver are good starters, but you can invest in local businesses that will do well in any economy, such as farms, ranches, and orchards. Invest in guns, seeds, medical equipment, electronics, land ... you name it. The closer you can hold it to your chest, the more you will own it. If you can accurately predict that it will be harder to get ahold of that particular variety of *stuff* a year down the line, then you will be richer in a year when you sell it.

This is a very bad time to rely too heavily on traditional passive investing. It's my personal feeling that the "money market" itself will be the final bubble that will push us into the next dark ages.



the money market "broke the

the money market "broke the buck" last fall, meaning you lost money for a short while, but it went back up. Most all my money is in money market right now, which is essentially cash. I do not want to pull the trigor on anything right now.

Putting some money in gold would not be an investment, but a safe house if you will. Don't expect to make money, but you should look at it as preserving your wealth. That's all people are looking for these days -- not losing money and preserving what they have.


Are you otherwise prepared for what is happening? You have a secure supply of water, food and self-defense? Extra shoes, clothing, first aid supplies, etc.? A plan - and all the tools, skills and materials needed - for making a living in a bare subsistence economy? If not, I suggest you forget about investing in paper and get yourself ready for a LONG, ugly economic disaster by acquiring all the things you will need that will not be available later.

I still have a year in the

I still have a year in the military so if things get too bad that I'll be struggling I can just re-enlist...

That would mean "investing" your life

with low expectation of returns. Please rethink this strategy.



After the SEC...

After the SEC banned short-selling in September, I liquidated my brokerage account and moved most of it into metal. But it really depends on what your situation is. If you are like me, and saving for the long-term, then IMHO, metal is the way to go. You will miss out on lots of opportunity short-selling and the like, but having tangible assets makes me sleep better at night.

If you are going to need to pay tuition with it, or something else near-term, keeping some cash fungible is probably a better strategy.

As my situation stands now, all of my free income goes to metal (what I would otherwise have been feeding into a 401K) and paying off my car loan.

Owning physical metal has had a hugely positive impact on my saving habits. The poster in the other thread was right: Accumulation of real wealth is addictive. It makes me feel more free.

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I have a GI bill so tution

I have a GI bill so tution won't really be an issue..This is more for the long term...

Don't count on anything the government guarantees

in the long run. Even if they try to follow through, the quality of their offering will decline over time.

The sooner you take advantage of your GI bill the better off you will be.



Right now 50/50 is about right ...

I highly suggest you work 40 hrs/week on educating yourself about the stockmarket and manage that 50% yourself.

Remember one thing ...

Only buy on the dips ... that goes for everything ... gold, equities, food ...