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**Obama Woos the Opposition with Whitehouse Parties**

"Since the inauguration, one of the hottest tickets in town has been an invitation to the White House. And Republicans have been scoring them nearly as often as Democrats.

The president has held a cocktail reception for a bipartisan group of legislators, conducted sit-down meetings with House and Senate leaders of both parties and staged an indoor tailgate party Sunday to watch the Pittsburgh Steelers defeat the Arizona Cardinals.

The social calendar continues on Wednesday evening, when the president and First Lady Michelle Obama open the Blue, Green and Red Rooms of the White House to more leading members of Congress.

The guests gain a bit of prestige from being invited to the White House. Does the president stand to gain anything in return by opening the door to Republicans who have already signaled their disapproval of his economic recovery plan and other items on his agenda?"


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Party Politics.

One big happy family, except for a very few ?