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Israel Urged to Attack Iran Within the year

"Tel Aviv should attack Tehran in the coming year in order to get the mission accomplished, says an Israeli expert in weapons.

Isaac Ben-Israel, Israeli legislator and weapons expert, said Wednesday that Israel has only a year to pull off a successful strike on Iran's nuclear facilities."


The comments at the bottom of the page are interesting. Not much support for this attack.

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for peace*)

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bump- for knowledge

bump- for knowledge

Do you notice that

what they are suggesting seems like it does not fit in with TODAY. It is like something out of a staged FEAR event that no longer works.
Keep the people in fear so that they will sell their freedom for security.

Yep. Thats exactly why Americans should pull back into their ...

Yep. That's exactly why Americans should pull back into their own country, fix the border situation, direct all our attention and efforts towards solving our own problems- because God knows we have many here at home.
If our country doesn't start minding its own business and quit its yielding of money and military support to other countries were not going to last much longer. That is the facts.

No entangling alliances!! End our involvement in perpetual war!!!!

Agree. it is the only hope. Fall back and look after home.

Maybe putting the USA under is part of the agenda; destroy and rebuild in the communist image Rothschild long ago intended.

I wouldn't disagree with that.

I think the ultimate goal is greed and power at the expense of the world. However I do believe that American's like use are a catalyst to globalist ambition. I also believe that though most Americans are naive to what they support, they are not ready for all out socialism or communism because there is still remnants of libertarian ideals in most people- even if they are small. Out of anyone we are the most likely to resist direct control, which makes us unique. That also gives people like us a chance to turn the tide. Even if its a slight one! Our determination and resolve will be what decides our fate. :-)