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C-PAC,Ron Paul and the power

of many. If you are near D.C. at the end of the month, please consider attending, volenteering or just joining in the partying festivties. There are many.

This could be our chance to shine in the spot light. The C4L has been working relentlessly to make this a great event.

Be there or miss out on history in the making.

"On Friday, February 27th, Campaign for Liberty will be holding an event to once again bring Liberty to our nation's capital. We invite you to join us. Our "Liberty Forum" will bring leaders in the liberty movement together for one night to promote the ideals of Campaign for Liberty, Ron Paul, and the founders of our nation. Limited government, fiscal responsibility, a noninterventionist foreign policy, and an adherence to the Constitution were once popular with our leaders. Together we must ensure those ideals never die."

Main speakers
Ron Paul
Judge Andrew Napolitano and many more speakers

See you there

E Pluribus Unum