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Washington State Against the Fed!

Members of both houses of the Washington State Legislature are taking a stand against the Federal Reserve's inflationary policies.

A Ron Paul Republican in the Washington State Legislature has led the charge for sound money in Washington. Republican Representative Cary Condotta gathered other legislators to have Washington send the message to the Federal government that the citizens of Washington can no longer afford to have the central bank printing money out of thin air, jeopardizing all of our nation's future to meet short-term objectives.

HJM 4010 would make a statement to the President and the Congress that Washington State wants the federal government to restore our money to be a Constitutionally gold and silver-backed currency and end the Federal Reserve, its fiat currency and its fractional reserve banking practices. Other representatives signing on to the memorial bill include Matt Shea, Brad Klippert, Joel Kretz and Jim McCune.

However, Washington's indignation toward the Fed's policies does not stop there. Conservative Senator Val Stevens introduced SJM 8002 into the Washington State Senate. This bill calls for the President and Congress to administer an audit of the Federal Reserve, which would be an important step in shining a light on its disastrous inflationary policies, as well as allow the public to follow the Fed's money trail for the first time in the agency's history.

Other senators signing on to the bill include Mike Hewitt, Mark Schoesler, Dan Swecker, Cheryl Pflug and Pam Roach. Senator Roach is currently running for King County Elections Director and is backed bay many local Campaign for Liberty activists.

Senator Stevens happens to live in the district of former Ron Paul Campaign manager, Lew Moore, and his wife, Maureen Moore, who was the Washington State Coordinator for the presidential campaign. Whether this is mere coincidence or whether the Moore's have had an influence on Val Stevens is yet to be seen. However, it has been said that the senator and the couple have a friendly relationship, and is especially likely since Lew Moore has been an important political figure in the are for years.

While these are fantastic developments for the Liberty movement, there are several other great bills currently introduced in the Washington State Legislature, not the least of which is HJM 4009, "Claiming state sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment."

Great work Washington!

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Good Job Washington

Now to get more states to follow


now check out my other post and spread that around so they will!