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This made my day

I just got an email from my son who is going to Portland Community College. He was stoked about a public speaking class that he and the other members of Caterpillars "Think Big" program have to take for their appenticeship. During the inauguration he and the other classmates were forced to watch. The instructor watched with tears streaming down her face in adoration of the "chosen" one. After words she gave a long speal about how now we have hope lade dah boodee boo..... Then these redneck mechanics had their chance to give their verbal oration of what they felt just conspired. My understanding is that all of them basicaly said that what we are heading for is facism. The instructor then stood up trembling with anger and said "they were the problem" etc etc. Well it just strengthened their resolve. Today one of the guys ...Kevin.... I think actualy played a Aaron Russo DVD today in class then gave a oration after words. I think she bit off more than she can chew.

Anyone in Portland see some guys with grungy black Carheart coats and Cat hats with the bills bent kinda narrow and oil stained pants give the a hearty pat on the back for me.

Sam (was an alt delegate in Alaska) thanks for the good work. Take the guys out on my credit card tonight. I'll tip back some Mead in toast of Kevin myself.


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Cat mechanics for freedom!

Thanks for the bumps! The guys will like that they got some comment.


I love it!

I ran into the same type of incidents in my Human Relations, (aka brain washing), class. The book that was required was anti American, pro socialist, anti free market, incited racial division, etc. My class was full of rednecks, (self included), who really gave the instructor a run for her money. She quit teaching the class. The school has a gunsmithing program and a taxidermy course. Great school!!

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Fantastic! (smiling)

Fantastic! (smiling)

here's Big ol' BUMP, made my day

"Whether you listen to the left side of congress' mouth or the rightside, either way it's the same mouth"


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That Made My Day Too

Freedom is contagious..

Congrats to your son and his friends. The young people will save us in the end, I just know it!

Miamisburg, Montgomery County, Ohio


That is how it begins - when the educators become educated.

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