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Report on HCR13 and HB361 Hearings. Attention MO...You are needed in the capital on 2-10-09. Help the 10th amendment.

3-11-09 Email from Marietta Rutledge.

Passed out of Rules committee this evening.
Marietta Rutledge
Legislative Assistant
Rep. Mike Parson

Updated 2-10-09. We had a good turnout to support Rep Guest. The resolution on the 10th amendment seemed to go without much opposition. However, the HB361 http://house.mo.gov/billtracking/bills091/bills/HB361.htm , which is a proposed law to reject Real ID, was more controversial. At least this time the ACLU lobbyist spoke in support instead of opposition like last week at HR212. Many of the Reps on the committee gave the same old tired objections like it's for the common good and it will help in medical emergencies if our id's are tied to super databases. A person from the Dept. of Revenue or maybe it was the Dept. of Transportation told the truth of why the state wants Real ID. He explained how much money in grants the state of MO gets from being on board with Real ID. Overall it was a good turnout and a lot of fun to give back to the state officials.

We had a good turnout this morning for HR212 to support Rep. Davis. We seemed to have made an impact.

Next Tuesday Rep. Jim Guest is going to be introducing HCR 13. It is another resolution rejecting the feds based on the 10th amendment. http://house.mo.gov/content.aspx?info=/bills091/bills/hcr13.htm It doesn't look like it's on the official calendar yet but he said this morning that Tuesday the 10th at 8:00 am in Hearing Room 7. http://house.mo.gov/content.aspx?info=/bills091/commit/com60...

Who else is going with me to the capitol in the capital?

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3-11-09 Email from Marietta

3-11-09 Email from Marietta Rutledge.

Passed out of Rules committee this evening.
Marietta Rutledge
Legislative Assistant
Rep. Mike Parson

HB80 http://www.house.mo.gov/


Guess what this one says? Online documents and stop printing some Missouri documents. I would definely say that I, for one, want a paper trail in government.

My essay to help reassert sovereignty!

Just wanted to let you guys know I posted an article regarding historical proof of sovereignty.Hopefully the articles will provide serious historical ammunition for anyone who wants to argue that our country consists of independent sovereign states who are in compact.

The link is:

thank you alwayssimon

for your article



I was there - first time

Did you speak? - 7 or 8 people spoke in favor of HCR13
On the realID the guy was from Dept of Revenue - Just looking for 750K hand-out from the Fed Gov - Money talks

What happens Next?


Jim Guest asked us to

Jim Guest asked us to call/write the other people on the committee.

Keep pushing!!!

We need to make a firm push to get these bills actually passed- I'm not talking passive action...I'm saying assert your own personal authority as a citizen of your state. The power of your state derives from you, just as the Federal government's power derives from the states. It is long since past time that we reassert this authority. State Sovereignty will give us back our greatest line of defense against oppressive Federal government! From there we really can reverse all the harm that has been done to this Republic!!!!!!

Please keep up the good work guys, we need this from all states!!! You have my support and I have talked to many people here in Georgia over the past week and every single one (25 so far) have come on board. I have also set up some one on one type meetings with local people who front various types of groups, i.e. political, religious, or just various. If they listen and agree then maybe they will spread the word to all their members. We all will benefit from this, so every area to make head way should be exploited. My intentions are to talk with them over the benefits their personal groups will receive. I urge all of you to do the same!!! Just be cordial and friendly when doing it- even if they disagree. I am going to post a article later which will provide ammunition to counter any arguments, and also sway them to our side. Keep the snowball effect building!

Amen. My state rep is new

Amen. My state rep is new and seems to follow the DNC party line, but I sent her an email saying that I want to meet with her and discuss the importance of the 10th Amendment. Just imagine if every DPer sent an email like that to their reps. That's such a good idea that I'm going to make a new thread for it.

Excellent idea.

Maybe she will come around if you give her a nice refreshing glass of common sense. If she doesn't just keep trying. I think with all that is happening economically we are going to find huge advances in ground. Anyway, I really appreciate all your efforts, especially since you are defending my freedom as well!!! Keep moving forward-- this is a HUGE chance!

Bump this thread if you like

Bump this thread if you like the idea. http://www.dailypaul.com/node/82067

Bump for State Sovereignty.

I've sent info to my state rep. about all these other resolutions. Hope we follow you guys!

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I'll attemp to write a comment to support state sovereignty

and attend. I also want to attend the Republican meeting in Dallas county.



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I'll see if I can go

There are differences between the two resolutions.

HR212 uses the pending FOCA as an impending issue that requires the declaration of Missouri's 10th amendment rights.

HCR13 asserts the 10th amendment rights without any current threat being identified.

HR212 is a house resolution. It only needs to pass in the house to be completed and the actions described within will be carried out.

HCR13 is a concurrent resolution and must pass the house and senate in order to have its provisions carried out.

I have heard there may be little support in the senate for HCR13. Maybe we can change that.

I'll gladly try to attend any hearings and speak in the house or senate in favor of both resolutions..

8am Tue -

I'm not up to speed with these bills HR212 & HCR13
Any help would be great. Thanks Ron

They are non binding

They are non binding resolutions that slap the hands of the Feds by making a public statement about the 10th amendment rights of states. The reps in the room definitely noticed that there was an energized group of people who deeply care about the Constitution last Wednesday. You can bet that they were thinking about how they could personally tap the groups support for their own purposes. I want a good showing for Rep Guest to drive the point home that we care, we vote, and we know what they are doing at the capital.

Do you think it's better to

Do you think it's better to tie the 10th to FOCA or do it as a stand alone?

I plan on going Tuesday. I

I plan on going Tuesday. I contacted the Gary Nolan show and he said that he will be interviewing Jim Guest to get some publicity for the hearings. Hope to see you there.

Where did you hear that the Senate is cold on HCR13?

Bump for


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Come on guys. This is

Come on guys. This is important and we need people to show up next Tuesday.

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Dallas County MO Republican meeting

Feb 10, 2009. 7:00 PM. O'bannon bank south. South US highway 65, Buffalo, MO

This deserves a couple of

This deserves a couple of bumps on the board.