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They must think we’re just going to sit back and take it!

Yesterday, the DEA simultaneously raided four medical cannabis dispensing collectives in Los Angeles. This is the second time, in as many weeks, that the DEA has defied President Obama’s campaign pledges to not use federal resources to undermine state medical cannabis laws.

Our community is in an uproar and we are not going to take this lying down!

The L.A. Times even published an article suggesting that maybe DEA hadn’t gotten the memo that Bush is out?

The U.S. Senate just confirmed Attorney General Eric Holder to lead the Department of Justice under the Obama Administration. We expect this to be the FIRST and LAST of the DEA raids under Eric Holder’s leadership. President Obama said he would stop the raids, and we aim to hold him to his word.

Call the White House Now - Urge President Obama to Immediately Suspend Bush's DEA Raids


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Predictive Programming

Escape from L.A.

So how long before L.A. gets totally locked down and becomes a total prison state? I think NYC is further along the predictive programming highway. Makes sense Escape from N.Y. came out first.

Be the change you want to see

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Start getting freedom today by dumping Federal Reserve Notes, Stocks, Banks and anything made outside the USA. Buy precious metals, real estate, businesses, food and guns and get your business community to use local or sound currenc

States Rights?

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I am glad they are not listening to BO in a way, but I am pissed they are not listening to my president Ron Paul.

this is f'ed up!

i feel for those who are being denied herb and freedom.