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anyone buy from onedollardvdproject ?

I was wondering if I could get some feedback from anyone that has ordered patriot films from


... anyone?


How was the experience?

What is the quality of the films?

I'd like to hand some of these out, but I'm a bit leery...

hook me UP!

In Liberty,

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I didn't even know about this site. Thanks for bringing this up. I printed out an order form!! This is great.

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I ordered from them back in June

And I got my movies on time, with great work done by them and I use them now at fundraisers.

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thanks rfr

thanks rfr, you rock!

I have ordered from them and

I have ordered from them and I did receive all my DVD's. They were fine and for a dollar, how wrong can go?


thanks... however...

how was the quality of the DVDs?

I don't care about their appearance, so I'll try to be more clear.

Were the movies, when played, of a good quality?

I will be giving them away, so the 'never look a gift-horse in the mouth' comes into play.

But, I know I hate watching grainy, scratchy and just less than optimum quality films.