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Ron Paul is the Man! - Open Thread

For part two, see further down the page...

I will be away from the computer for most of the day. Please feel to party on without me...Post your comments, discussion & links below.

Thank you all and have a great day.
Michael Nystrom

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Fox tries to explain why Ron Paul receives most from military

Fox is the most UN-credible news agency to ever exist.

They are NOT conservative.....maybe NEOconservative, perhaps.

Anyhow, here's the footage from Fox:




Fox News media bias

Notice in the clip Fox News has managed to find a pic of Ron frowning, despite the official campaign photo we see on this very page and elsewhere. I guess it's good news that's the scariest pic of Dr. Paul they could dig-up, given all his years of public service, but it's still nothing resembling fair or balanced. Needless to say, you can bet your bottom dollar the next pic of Rudy/Mitt/Fred/etc. you see on Fox News will be grinning from ear to ear. It's bias, folks, and I just busted it.

I also loved the "libertarian type mailing lists that happen to have a lot of people in the military on them" theory of why we got this level of military support, too. Anything, as long as their "expert" doesn't give our troops credit for thinking independently. I guess liking Ron Paul's ideas about how the USA should act is not possible for soldiers, since they could not POSSIBLY want to think in a Michael-Barone-unapproved way. Sheesh. The media bias we bust here part-time beats specialist sites supposedly devoted to busting media bias for blatancy on a regular basis.

Ron Paul is OUR man!

That's what the title of this thread should be. Ben Bernanke is the man. The Federal Reserve is the man. The IRS is the man. World Government is the man. Dick Cheney is the man (OMG he's running the country for a day while GW goes under the knife. It's time to pray). Hillary Clinton is the man.

But Ron Paul is OUR man!
-Phil Hemingway III


I never signed up to ebay after it was announced they were working with the government. My sister told me today she won the bid for a RP banner for one cent. Appears to be a good day for trading.

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Book sold on EBay

p.s. - the book that I had up for sale on Ebay sold yesterday for $152.50. I'm sending it out today, and I'll have a new donation to Dr. Paul's campaign this weekend of at least that much.

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