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Are cities joining international groups like the ICLEI unconstitutional?

My local city is a member of a group called ICLEI. http://www.iclei.org/
Artcle 1, section 10 prohibits states from entering into treaties and alliances thus suggesting that only the US congress has the authority to make those arrangements. I'm not a constitutional lawyer, but it smells of a lawsuit from someone who is more knowledgeable sometime in the future.

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The Clinton Climate Initiative

yep you guessed it william j clinton is the owner http://nreionline.com/news/boma_clinton_green_retrofit_0108/


click on the world secretariat Funders!!!!! there funders are 1. The Clinton Climate Initiative 2. The United Nations Enviorment program 3.World economic form 4. Metropolis 5. UCLG "United cities and local governments. Follow The Money !!! allways allways!!!

This ones interesting.

This ones interesting. Here's a link of what members pay. http://www.iclei.org/index.php?id=966#c787


that is odd. why would there membership fee be determined by there Gross National Income (per capita) of each state? Have a look in the left column of there page, "our members" click on that. there are two companys Global community Initiatives USA and Global foot print network USA I'm going to check them out more!

Seems like a way to

Seems like a way to redistribute wealth. Seriously, Imagine going to a store and seeing different prices for products based on your income bracket. "I'm sorry sir, but you make $100/yr. That coffee is going to be $15."

I don't think so. They

I don't think so. They support Codex. But, does it violate the constitution for cities to make these types of agreements?


BINGO!!!! look up global community initiatives usa, Does the name Rockefeller brothers ring a bell!! they donate to this club, and we aint in it :o(

No. Because it is not a treaty with a government

It's a club. However, you do bring up a good point, because they can dictate (consult) on broader policies and perhaps gain influence over muncipal governments.

How do they support codex? I have not had any direct experience with ICLEI since their Los Angeles meeting in 1998 or 1999.

It may be a club, but they

It may be a club, but they have a stated policy which seems to breech the area of international relations. I would think that setting goals for social planning would be the kind of meat that Congress would like to control.

This link shows UN support

This link shows UN support for Codex lower in the page.

This is a link that shows a relationship of support for the UN by ICLEI. http://www.iclei.org/index.php?id=9290&no_cache=1&tx_ttnews[tt_news]=3473&tx_ttnews[backPid]=9288&cHash=1e278e5cf0

this cant be good

It's just one big club and we aint in it

Bingo!!! does the name Rockefeller ring a bell

economics31 where are you?????

Are you Henri that used to

Are you Henri that used to live in Denver?


No! I live in Oxford Mississippi but there is another (Henry), here on the daily paul

It sure seems to me to be

It sure seems to me to be some real unconstitutional meat with the international groups. What do you think?

This is fun!!!

l looked up the Global footprint network usa and it's a monster or an umbrella org it will take more time follow the money