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The TRUTH About Fluoride!--Website

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A few days ago I

A few days ago I accidentally found a Tom's of Maine toothpaste without fluoride in it. It is not marked on the front of the box that it is fluoride free, but it is on the side.

Logic, I didn't check all of your links

but the fluoride cover-up and the fluoride deception links seem to be broken.

Thanks for the post. A person

who is being careful these days probably just uses a little salt in water to brush teeth most of the time, or use a natural toothpaste, and still rinse well. They probably also use a natural deodorant, and avoid tap water or at least use a good filter. They also avoid processed foods...and the list goes on.

Providing information is important, but the choice is up to the individual. Life is a smorgasbord. One is wise to choose well. :-)

Don't Listen to this

Look, I'm just as suspect in most areas as all you guys are. Both my parents are Ron Paul supporters and educated Dentists. I've asked them about this, and they both say that it is BS.


I asked

my dentist what he thought about the floride controversy and he still thinks it is the greatest thing since sliced bread. He said thats why my sons teeth were in such good shape - I didn't tell him that my son uses Toms floride free toothpaste.

I am gross and perverted, I'm obsessed and deranged, I have existed for years but very little has changed, I'm the tool of the government and industry too. Have you guessed me yet??
I'm the slime oozing out from your TV set.


Fluoride IS poison whether your educated parents think so or not, just read the warnings on the box of any of the tooth pastes that contain it.



Everything is poison in sufficient quantities. Go pick up any chemical reference guide and you will find a LD50 for every chemical on the planet.

Everything has a lethal dosage.

Poison is a pure relative term. Just because a gallon will kill you, does not mean an ounce is harmful.

In this twisted form of logic used by the fluorideaphobes (my term) then water is poison.

you really need to do your OWN research

before dismissing this. There is a mountain of evidence. Your parents are repeating what they've been lead to believe. Read this article and come back and tell us what part of it is not true.


none of us are above being confused from time to time

funny and informative example below:


"Whether you listen to the left side of congress' mouth or the rightside, either way it's the same mouth"

No offense..but I should'nt

No offense..but I should'nt listen to hundreds of others because you know 2 that say it's bs?

bump Thanks for posting

I just read an article from the link found there about GUINNESS - GIVES YOU FLUORIDE! Guinness beer*) I am glad I never drink it...

(Better) to be confused in the search for truth than fully confident and sound asleep in a dream of lies. ~ Michael Nystrom

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