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Born Again American

Wow this is really cool, check this out folks. You'll like it.


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I posted this a while back

Then the hysterics started. Those who saw it said it was propaganda for Obama, or that Norman Lear made it and he's a liberal and should be burned alive, and blah blah blah. Way over the top. I took it down.

It seems that liberals and democrats are not allowed on Daily Paul. Only libertarians, republicans and conservatives are allowed to post. Well I like this little video. If it's propaganda I don't have a problem with it. It's real people singing a nice song about the problems we all face, regardless of party affiliation.

It appears that the others in this thread like it.

To the poster who wrote that his wife coined "Born Again American," it cannot be copyrighted. The best you could do would be to Trademark it (R) or (TM) but that costs an awful lot of money. Be happy that the seed you planted has grown beautifully - consider it a gift you gave to us all.

Wow, the national religion is finally really getting underway.

You know, back when I was in college several years ago, I remember hearing one or two of my business professors talking (disapprovingly) of the rise of a national religion when our university (a Christian university) had all this patriotic stuff during what was supposed to have been a religious chapel meeting. At the time I didn't quite see it that way, but in the past couple of years, I've been thinking about what they said. And it seems to me to be coming true. During the Bush administration, I could see it rising because a lot of church folks (at least down South where I'm from) had no patience for anyone questioning what our military was being sent to do or for someone not voting Republican in the presidential election (I voted Peroutka myself). Now these guys (other side of the aisle, but still just another head on the same wicked hydra) are as well as coming right out and speaking of the national religion in frank words. A "born again American"? That is a sacrilege I never can have anything to do with. I was born again only once, and it can never be done again. And frankly speaking, my rebirth had nothing whatsoever to do with any country, though I remain proud to be from the U.S. (and especially from the South).

Then I followed a link which was supposed to teach me about my liberties. It lead me to The People for the American Way's website where they proudly flash Darwin not Dogma and explain that we ought to keep creationism from being taught in schools at all but should rather ram Darwinism down kid's throats. Liberty to me would be to remove all federal jurisdiction from what's being taught in the schools and let the local parents of each school decide whether they want their kids to be taught creationistic/intelligent design theories or evolutionary/Darwinian theories. If keeping schools, teachers or whoever from teaching the side in this debate that they believe in is their idea of being a "born again American", then by all means count me out!

The whole thing is a propaganda tool designed to ensnare the masses (particularly the God-believing people---which is why they throw in so much Christian phraseology and such) just as the rhetoric used by the Republicans during Bush's time was designed to do. It's all a trap. And I for one am not falling for it.

I think it is important

to know where someone is coming from. Think how great the neocons sound. You can say, "yes, yes," and then they say vote McCain. It is very, very important to know the intentions, deep down intentions of anyone you support or send money to. That is why we are in this mess. The insiders are absolute masters at covering, distorting, lying, misdirecting all of us. That is what neocon has been all about. They steal our words and love watching us fumble and fall. We are fools not to look beyond sentiment.

I love this song and the site and the idea, but until I figure out what they are really talking about and from what angle, I won't fall for it or at least I won't contribute. They know us so well, far better than we know ourselves. They know how to hook us. This song would do it for us every time.

Maybe they mean what we mean. They seem to. But I have to hear it all the way to conclusion.

It's a 501c3.

It's a 501c3.

"Born Again American"

Posted June 20th, 2008 by Boscovius


If you look back in the

If you look back in the forum history, you will find where I wrote about how my wife first coined the phrase "Born Again American". I can tell you, right now she's sad that she didn't copyright that right away, because now that Obama's people have co-opted it, it will never mean the same.

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Things are only impossible until they are not.
-- Jean Luc Picard

Me too

I agree. Didn't know who it was who said it, but I do remember. Are you sure these are Obama people? Looks like it, but how did you decide? Take satisfaction in starting a rage. It has happened to me.

I specifically remember reading that exact post

And I thought about it when I heard about that website a few days ago.
Someone over there must have read it too.
What was it, a year ago ?

Find that post !

Watch the third video at

Watch the third video at http://www.bornagainamerican.org/about.html It's the songwriter's version. It appears that the original song is a bit longer than the one on the homepage.

Interestingly, in the songwriters version he mentions something about throwing the money changers out of town. That might possibly give us a bit more insight regarding what this organization is all about.


Thank you both for these posts

I'd like to suggest that the original songwriter put the full original lyrics up at the site.

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I'm not "born again"

But, I can get behind that in principle. It is very moving.

If you don't agree with it don't pick it apart. Let those who will use this venue for good get the full benefit out of it.

I sent it to all my Christian Friends.

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How do you know who behind

How do you know who behind it? You can remix and add your own tracks to it so why not make it ours?

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I know

I love it. It should be ours. But I fear it is Obama and what can they be thinkin'?

An Obama, former neocon, sent it to me originally. And I told him that it is just too bad that we don't all know what we mean by Liberty and how to go about getting it.

Its slick......

but its the Obama folks who are behind it.
They need to sing about banning the Fed etc...

Who cares

The people in the video are singing about real problems, wanting to work, and so forth. It doesn't matter who's behind it - the message is apt and real.

If you want a song about banning the FED, then write one and get a video made.