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Dollar DVDs for Activists


Please, help wake the spirit of freedom with these One Dollar DVDs for your friends and neighbors.

You can watch many of the follow from the Order Page.

Codex Alimentarius
U.N. plan to eradicate organic farming & destroy the Natural Health Industry.

Alex Jones: Dr. Laibow MD & Major General Stubblebine
Guests discuss Codex Alimentarius and Genetically Modified Organisms.

End The Fed
The Federal Reserve Bank is the cause of our financial and economic woes.

Wake Up Call: New World Order
A great compilation of clips from other Truth documentaries.

9/11 Missing Links
The best kept secret of 9/11 is the Israeli connection.

Dr. T. Ott: Injection Pandemic
Can you imagine a better way to create a pandemic than to inject it?

David Icke: Big Brother July 2008
Big Brother has gone Global.

The Big Picture
The title says it all. This is a Must See like Zeitgeist or,
Freedom to Fascism.

Impeach The Terrorists
War crimes, impeachment hearings, murder charges and media downplay.

Best Of Naomi Wolf
Interviews, talks and the “Ten Steps To Fascism” lecture.

Best Of PuppetGov.com YouTube Clips... You Will Want These
Billy Vegas has done some marvelous work on these wake-up-call montages.

Economic Collapse YouTube Clips... Info. You Need To Know
The title says it all from sixteen various sources.

Americanism 101 w/Bonus YouTube Clips... You’re gonna like’em.
Learn what the government schools specifically do not teach about America.

Freedom to Fascism, Keep & Bear Arms, Zeitgeist II & III COMBO
Perfect “Big Picture” combo for the activist needing that one wakeup call DVD.

Corrupt U. S. Foreign Policy COMBO
Learn everything you need to know about what our “leaders” are really doing.

Early campaign clips everyone should have for historical reasons.

Who Is Ron Paul?
This montage of Ron Paul clips is nicely done and offered by Chase Pursley.

Star Spangled Banner Lesson
‘Never heard the history of the writing of the National Anthem? POWERFUL.

Freedom to Fascism & Money As Debt COMBO
Aaron Russo's MOST IMPRESSIVE documentary with Ron Paul and more.

Zeitgeist (edited)... The Men Behind The Curtain & The 9/11 Myth.
ABSOLUTELY the best introduction to these two subjects. A MUST SHARE.

9/11 Mysteries & Terror Storm, COMBO
This is THE best 9/11 video. Also included is Alex Jones' wonderful work.

Keep And Bear Arms & Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, COMBO
Convert the Guns-Are-Bad crowd and teach them why we MUST stay armed.

Loose Change II, Terror Storm, 911 Eyewitness, Road to Tyranny, COMBO
Four MUST SEE documentaries on one DVD. Wow.

Pretext For The North American Union
While wars distract us, Canada, Mexico and the United States are merged.

The Power of Nightmares
Fear is a tool used to control us. Learn who the real terrorists are.

Election Fraud COMBO (redo)
Five improved documentaries explain how elections really are rigged.

Iraq War Documentaries COMBO
Do not let your children kill or, be killed, for the Elite banking cartel.

Ground Zero Air Quality
New Yorkers were told the air quality was SAFE on 9/11/2001... Ha!

Depleted Uranium & Americas Dirty Bomb, COMBO
You do not have to see a mushroom cloud in order to get nuked.

David Ray Griffin: 9/11 and The American Empire
This logical, methodical explanation of the big picture is just perfect.

Father and son killed father and son... the Bush connections.

Audio CD: Illegal Immigration, Alex Jones, Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul
Listen while you drive.

Many of these publications are INCLUDED with each order:
Idaho Observer
Rock Creek Free Press
Jack McLamb’s Newsletter
American Free Press
First Freedom



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