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10th Amendment Assignment for all Daily Paulers. Keep up the pressure.

Your mission if you choose to accept is for each of us to write a letter to our local state reps and senators asking to arrange a meeting to discuss the importance of the 9th and 10th amendment. Here's an email that I just sent to my state rep:

"I am very concerned with the strict adherence to the Constitution. I was glad to see that HR 212 made it out of committee and to the floor. HCR13 will be introduced next Tuesday by Rep Jim Guest. I would like your support of his resolution. This is a pure 10th amendment resolution without any other verbiage.

I will also be at the capital on Tuesday morning with a group of fellow voters and would like to meet with your office to discuss the 10th amendment and its importance to our State. What is the best way to make arrangements?


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See you at the capitol


This is worth a bump.

This is worth a bump.

Do you know where this is at?

Hearing Room 7 - where do you park?