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DOJ routinely signs "Antitrust Amnesty Agreements" with Corporations

The US Department of Justice has just released the "antitrust amnesty agreements" it's signed with some 100 corporations since 1993. This is due to a Freedom of Information Act suit brought against the government on behalf of Stolt-Nielsen Transportation Group Ltd. Stolt-Nielsen is a global corporation primarily involved in the storage and transportation of oil (tankers, terminals, etc.) It also has 9 fish farms and produces turbot, sturgeon, sole and caviar.

This information is not being released for the sake of the public, but so that it might "help other corporations that want to negotiate an amnesty agreement with the Justice Department to avoid prosecution for violating federal antitrust law."

Although you can view these agreements online, the following information has been redacted;

(1) names, titles and other personal and corporate identifiers
(2) dates and temporal information
(3) industries
(4) miscellaneous identifiers & confidential source provided information
(5) geographic information

"The Antitrust Division considers the confidentiality afforded in its leniency program to be a hallmark of the program and holds the identity of, and information provided by, leniency applicants in strict confidence."

"Leniency program"? I guess that's the opposite of "zero tolerance". I wonder what criteria excludes one from the "leniency program"? Why are violators of federal antitrust laws entitled to "confidentiality"?
Why have an Antitrust Division if infractions are arbitrarily excused? And if all names, locations, actions and descriptions are edited out, how is it freedom of information?

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NWO Consolidation

Thanks for fine investigative work.

You make some really great points, the regulators are owned by the interests that they pretend to regulate.

END the FED before it ENDS US

END the FED before it ENDS US