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"Montanans Speak Out In Favor OF Jobs Bill"....BULL!

Senator Jon Tester (D) Montana - So says every correspondence on his web site, but not impressed by who he is asking. There are military men, a general, and even a disabled veteran saying that the $300 to be given to veterans will really help. I am shocked by this propaganda and post this to educate.

The people of Montana do not want this bill, and 9/10 did not want the first bailout.


Montanans speak out in favor of Jobs Bill

Montanans Applaud Baucus, Tester and Economic Recovery Efforts Before Congress

Friday, February 6, 2009

(Washington D.C.) – Montanans today expressed their support for the Jobs Bill currently before Congress, saying the bill will help create good paying jobs and get Montana’s and the country’s economy back on track.

Montana’s U.S. Senators Max Baucus and Jon Tester played a key role in writing the Jobs Bill- Baucus as chairman of the Senate Finance Committee and Tester as member of the Senate Appropriations Committee. Community members are speaking out in support of the Jobs Bill, citing specific measures in the bill that will ensure Montana’s businesses, industries and communities continue to thrive.

Pat Connell; Certified Forester and Vice President of Resource Operations Rocky Mountain Log Homes in Hamilton:
“Senator Baucus' and Senator Tester's efforts to extend the net operation loss carry back have huge implications for small, independent timber products companies in Montana. This single outcome would be vital to our survival in spite of the current banking and credit crisis, allowing us to help regain our pre-recession level of production and the re-employment of hard working Montanans.”

Robert F. Bargatze, Ph.D.; Chief Scientific Officer at LigoCyte in Bozeman:
“This approach to economic stimulus will have a very positive far reaching impact on Montana’s overall small business technology industry. I want to thank Montana’s senators for their support of this Economic Recovery Package.”

Brigadier General John Walsh; Montana National Guard:
"On behalf of the Soldiers and Airmen of the Montana National Guard, we appreciate the continued support our congressional delegation provides our state National Guard."

Eivind Forseth; Airborne Ranger and Disabled Iraq veteran from Billings:
“The $300 relief payment in the stimulus will undoubtedly help our nation's veterans. More often than not, veterans who have recently separated from active duty struggle to make ends meet. Those who are eligible for compensation normally wait up to twelve months or more to receive their veterans' benefits. Our veterans deserve every cent.”

Paul Rieckhoff; Executive Director of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA):
"The current economic downturn is hitting new veterans especially hard. Imagine returning from combat in Iraq and Afghanistan only to struggle to support yourself and your family. That's not the homecoming our brave veterans have earned. The expansion of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit will encourage employers to do their patriotic duty, and help our newest veterans succeed in their civilian life. IAVA thanks Senator Baucus and Senator Tester for their commitment to supporting our Troops.”

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