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I'm getting out of Santiago for a week, I hope by the time I'm back you guys are still here

My dear DPers, I'm officially going on vacations for a week. As you may know, I'm living in Santiago, Chile. I'm going to Region 4, near La Serena, to a city called Los Vilos. I'm taking Atlas Shrugged and a personal journal to write down thoughts and ideas. I'm keeping my dad company. Just in case any funny things happen while I'm gone, I want to say it's been a pleasure to be with you. Not that I'm leaving forever, but just in case our future comes before our eyes. I'll be thinking of you guys, hoping we'll prevail in the long run. To all of you, I'm off to rest the good noggen (but still think of course). See ya!!

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Enjoy your time out my

Enjoy your time out my friend...Be safe!! Peace!!


safe. God Bless!!

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

Best Wishes

for a relaxing break. Peace Patriot

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."


Hope this isn't goodbye!!

No, this isn't goodbye

No, this isn't goodbye forever! I'll still be on the DP. But we don't know what lies in the future.

Have a good trip*

Been gone from DP awhile myself. My town was hit hard with an ice storm that knocked out the power for two weeks and they're are still people in nearby towns without power! It looked like a tornado came thru, tree limbs down everywhere. One small ( tiny ) town had over 400 electric poles down. I myself have about 4 ranks of wood to cut in my backyard I got my power back yesterday, and my internet today. Talk about an experience.


hand delivered by the powers in the sky and I am not talking about God.

Yeah, I thought

The exact same thing too. Because I have lived here my entire life and I have NEVER SEEN anything like this. I have lived thru some bad ice storms, but NOTHING like this. It was one wierd feeling to hear the sounds of hundreds of trees around you and your neighbors houses, just falling over and limbs the size of small trees come crashing down all around you, to see trees taking out light poles, like they were nothing. To see downed power lines arcing everywhere. I was pretty nervous, considering I have SEVERAL giant oak trees in my yard. I would say that, seven out of ten trees here sustained major damage. I finally got my power back yesterday, and my cable for my internet back today. I wondered what I had missed on DP. But you want to know something wierd, yesterday me and a friend drove to a neighboring town and I noticed coming back there were literally twenty or more white lines in the sky, all in a criss cross patterns, and I noticed one plane up there making them. This is a small town, with a tiny airport ( never seen a commercial plane there ) and where the plane making lines in the sky was, it was over residential areas! The lines lingered in the sky for hours. I even took a picture with my cell phone. Crazy? I am starting to believe something is going on.

I know you are in

KY - right? Daughter lives there - generator for freezer and fireplace for heat which moves up to the loft and makes it cozy.

Her husband is part of the crew working 14-16 hr days to restore power. Quite a mess, i heard.


Missouri. Snow and cold weather for a freezer. Gas heat and a gas cookstove saved me. Had a woodstove, just didn't have it hooked up, because I had plenty of lp gas. We used a lantern and candles for light. Scrabble and Monoply for entertainment. I refused to mortgage my property though! I just gave them what I felt like giving them or I didn't play! One of my relatives said I played communist monoply. he he. The trees here look like someone dropped an A bomb on them. I have about four ranks of wood in my back yard to cut when it dries out a little, and that's not even touching the down limbs and trees in the woods. Yeah, it got pretty bad here, you couldn't find anything useful at the stores, when people realized they were going to be without power for a while, like candles, lamp oil, generators, batteries, bottled water ect. They're still people without power in neighboring towns. I learned what it's like to rough it, the old fashioned way.

And what do you think might happen,

"Dow death begins on 2/9/09 and culminates on Friday 13th."

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

have a safe fun time.

I wish I could go on vacation.

Yeah, me too! Have a good time defe! I'm sure we'll still be

here when you get back no matter what happens!

You gotta know when to hold 'em...

Freedom is only for those with the guts to defend it!

What are you fightin' for?
Caught in the middle?
Freedom is only for those with the guts to defend it!