ABC News: Ron Paul - FAR Exceeding Expectations

Keep it up everyone! The talking heads can't believe it, but IT'S WORKING! Must see, and share:

Thanks to Tom at for the tip.

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Spread Pauls message - economy and spending are the top issues

The economy and spending are the true main campaign themes. Listen to Paul on the war, on healthcare, on immigration, on taxes, on almost anything and the underlying theme is economics.

The other candidates cannot touch him on this.
People relate when it hits their wallets
His voting record is immaculate
MSM is already talking about this - look at the beck utube video. Dobbs...

The grassroots need to do the same and align behind this message.

Please support this message by commenting here.

As distasteful as Hilary is...

They still don't understand that Ron Paul is the only Republican that can beat her in the national election. This country will not elect another neo-con.

RP talk

I love George Will's comment, "how about my man, Ron Paul"! I have heard George Will say this several times in other interviews too. He is clearly amused and interested in our campaign. I am going to drop him a line or two tomorrow and give him a short thank you.

The guy at the end was good too! He interrupted George when George was trying to move on to another topic. George has not been friendly to Ron Paul at all. The guy says that RP is the only straightshooter out of the whole bunch.

New Hampshire is going to flip a whole bunch of people out, I'd bet my piece of Thanksgiving pumpkin pie!

I love it...

Movin' on up

New Poll

New CNN/WMUR poll on the GOP race in New Hampshire (Nov 14-18, 404 Republican LV, MoE +/- 5.0%) showing Mitt Romney extending his lead, while Giuliani and Thompson losing support:

Romney 33 (+8 vs. last poll in Sept)
McCain 18 (no change)
Giuliani 16 (-8)
Paul 8 (+4)
Huckabee 5 (+2)
Thompson 4 (-9)

Jane Aitken, 35-Year Veteran Teacher
Ron Paul 2008 Consultant
GOP Woman of the Year 2009
Founder NH Tea Party Coalition (NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY FAKE 2009 GROUP)
Founder USPEINetwork @ Yahoo (Nat'l Edu Activism Group)
Board Coalition of NH Taxpayers



Looks like a cabal! The people I love to hate.

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

Snuffy is even falling for Dr. Paul

When i here George Talk about Paul he sounds like a kid in the candy shop!

Only a few months ago, this man discounted Paul entirely.

Paul supporters are making this happen, and the sky's the limit!


anyone else notice the giggling again after they say Ron Paul?heard it twice? I believe in the clip.... obvious this is one of the MSM [subliminal effect if you're not really paying full attention] tactics to try to link Dr. Paul with the "kooks', "terrorists","conspirators"' & "fringe" supporters???..c'mon MSM.. you can do better than that...we are on to the canned giggle already..the gigs up.. other than that, fantastic.. suprisingly positive Ron Paul!

randy n.


...and the lady who made the ridiculous money comment was shaking her head at the beginning when his name was mentioned.

Why are all these pundits thinking the only credible candidates are the ones who are for the continuance of the ransacking of our nation?

Ron Paul is the only candidate who is NOT insane because he's NOT in denial about the path our nation is on..............but of course, I'm preaching to the choir.


Miracles continue

A few months ago a TV discussion of this kind would have been unthinkable, impossible. And yet, here it is. Ron Paul, his message, the dedication of his supporters - all are being taken seriously, and somewhat admired, by this panel.

Is this great, or what?

Yes, and Zogby says...

...they are going to do a press release for this poll tomorrow (Tuesday).

I bet the media completely ignore it, however,

BUT, we can still post it in various forums - although I HATE polls altogether.

It will be kind of hard for us to give this particular poll any credibility after we've trashed the polls so badly. It's almost hypocritical.

But I think if it's explained properly how this poll differs from the others, perhaps it will serve the purposes of discrediting how the OTHER polls are framed.


that woman worked for clinto

how dare she use such lies and slander when she's a known clinton supporter who worked on clintons campaign.

Money being printed as we speak…

uh! you know, coins being distributed in his favor. Coins printed? What an ignorant Twat! Did you see how she was immediately ignored by the rest? I cannot believe that this woman (looks like an ugly man in drag) is actually being paid. She sat there like a freeking stump through the whole discussion, then in desperation rubbed the only two brain cells she had together and made the mistake of opening that big fat pie hole. What a totally asinine comment. She just had to throw a turd in the punchbowl. But in the process made herself look like the village idiot.

"It does not take a majority to prevail... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men." Samuel Adams

“Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.”― Henry David Thoreau

2nd From the Left.... an idiot. Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate that can beat Hillary.

David Brooks

NYT columnist and regular guest on the News Hour (PBS). He is a very intelligent man, but obviously too entrenched in the establishment status quo. I've been waiting for a positive comment out of him, but admit he'll be a hard nut to crack. Just like John Harwood, he'd be an excellent person to court for support, but I can't seem to find how to contact him (I'm not an NYT subscriber).

Support the Read the Bills Act and more at

Support the Read the Bills Act and more at

If I could be a fly on the wall

I can't wait until the first primary when Ron Paul comes out on top. I would love to see the look on all of these peoples faces.

George Stephanopoulos bugs me and that woman about the money.

What she is refering to (incorrectly)

What she is referring to (incorrectly) is the commemorative barter coins that the liberty dollar Corp was putting out. That is until the SS just raided them, froze their assets and confiscated Gold, Silver, and copper which in some cases were owned by their clients and held in trust.

Many people ordered the copper coins to use as promotional props since they cost only 1 dollar a piece but now everyone that ordered them is SOL.

Sorry to burst everyone's bubble ...

(including my own yesterday), but there is another video floating around that shows the participants in the round table discussion answering questions in the green room after the show. George Will says he was just joking about RP being "his boy", and one of the other guys referred to Ron as "the crazy old uncle at the table on Thanksgiving ranting about the gold standard" (couldn't remember the exact words he used - but that's pretty close).

Just when I thought they were starting to come around, too. :-(

That's the second time

I heard George Will referring to Ron Paul as "my man".


I'd be curious in seeing that, thanks.

This actually PRECEDED the November clip for this post

Here you go:

But I'm pretty sure this is the "Green Room" clip (it was from end of October, a couple of weeks ago -- so this is BEFORE Nov5th moneybomb and subsequent reappraisal by the "yapping-heads").

The One True, Straight Talker.........

and that was in reference to none other than our Good Doctor! These shifty reporters are about as squirmy as most candidates. I think it has been so long since anybody has seen a real Statesman, they don't know how to set their "spin" dial. Ron Paul just keeps shooting straight with both barrels and picking up support. I hope the USA Today Ad goes over really big, and more money starts pouring in. The ad is a very good summary of "who" Ron Paul is, and "what" he stands for. Nobody else on the political stage can touch it! I just hope the American will power is not so drained that they remain asleep at the wheel.

alan laney

The GOP is choosing what the issues will be?

They say it will be about Hillary and about the economy (jobs, taxes, and spending).

That they think a strong Hillary showing means Ron Paul would do poorly shows that they STILL don't get Ron Paul. There is a big anti-Hillary sentiment on the right; however, like the other Pub candidates, Ron Paul is not Hillary. Further, Ron Paul will likely have more money than all candidates except Giuliani...and Giuliani is the Pub candidate most like Hillary. That makes Ron Paul a better Pub candidate.

And economy? We all know that Ron Paul can kick their butt discussing the economy. Not to mention, theat he is the only true financially conservative up there. But the reason why they are choosing this is likely because they are choosing to screw up the economy...making it an issue. They've used nearly every little dirty trick in the book, now they are bringing out the big dirty tricks, including scaring people with a recession. But we can easily use this to our advantage by pointing out how Pub/Dems overspending resulted in the bad economy.

Note, the GOP is choosing to drop or downplay the war issue. This move greatly helps Ron Paul! Many people would support Ron Paul if he didn't have such an anti-Iraq war policy. But if the GOP is gonna downplay the war, thus removing the barrier between many Pub voters and Ron Paul.

Why is the GOP doing these things? One of my theories is that the larger powers that be want Hillary to be the next president. Downplaying the war and having a bad Pub economy are definately in Hillary's advantage.

Anyway, please know that Ron Paul has done so well for one and only one reason...his message. His message is so powerful, that even with a tiny fraction of exposure, an army rose. It seems our greatest strategy is to get Ron Paul's message to the most people possible.

Good observation, Boru

The fix is in to try and get Hillary's fat butt seated in the Oval Office. Behind the scenes, she has the blessings of the Bush Bunch. The CFR and Illuminai gang know they can trust the Clintons (again). They could care less whether the sitting President is a Dem or GOP, as long as they cow down to their wishes. If not, it's hello Daily Plaza for the unsuspecting. George W. doesn't care much about the GOP anyway, and I can't see him being supportive of any of the GOP hopefuls. Just look at the arrogant "in your face" attitude he's had towards all of them. Even the GOP is embarrased by W. But as you point out, with just a small fraction starting out...........Paul's support growing by leaps and bounds. Nobody else is.

Everybody that gets "group" e-mails with several people copied, hit Reply to All, and ask: Friends, would like to keep the Federal Withholding Tax Money in your pocket? Sure you would! .....check out Ron Paul at the Daily Paul site! You'll stir something up, and that's what we want. USE your computer , it's a powerful messege spreader.

alan laney

He has money being printed in his name?

Any one notice the remark the lady slips in at the end? Completely erroneous, false. It's a flat out lie and it is either intentional or she just doesn't know. I hate to contemplate what would be worse.

Former United States Marine
For Ron Paul

There's no sheep here, there's wolves here, questioning our nation's government.

Former United States Marine
For Ron Paul

That comment really didn't

That comment really didn't make much sense to me. I wouldn't give it much consideration. I think she just said something to say something--because she hadn't weighed in yet.


did you notice they said they weren't "allowed" to talk about the 2nd & 3rd tier candidates?

YES! That spoke volumes

YES! That spoke volumes about the MSM

How can we get the attention of the older generation?

I spoke with a 74 year old woman I have know for decades(friend of the family), and she is in Illinois(maybe 30 miles South of Chicago), and we spoke of politics(I had mentioned it).
I mentioned Ron Paul, and she said, "Who"?
Well, I gave her a 60 second run down about him, and then I had to get going.
Well, she's in a retirement home(due to health issues, but does drive, get around, etc..). She says she can use the computer they have at the home, but doesn't know how( sounds like she doesn't care to learn, either, when I mentioned it's easy to just do searches, etc, and someone aty the home could probably teach her in no time. She already knows how to type).
It seems older people just watch the regular tv news, or listen to the radio/read the local papers, and that's it.
If a candidate isn't mentioned it there, they either never hear of him/her, or if they only get minor print space(etc), they "must not be worth nothin'", as one older guy told me.

It's really difficult to reach certain age groups, it appears.
Any ideas( yes, I have window paint for Ron Paul, and signs...and speak ot people when I can. No converts yet. These folks in my area tend to pick 1 item they want to vote for, vs an Idea, or the whole package of any candidate, when I talk to them. They will say"he's got good ideas...but.... I don't like this 1 thing, or that 1 thing he's for/against" and vote for whomever tv tells them to, it appears).

My best guess would be fliers, and hope someone reads them.

take care/not offesne.

Linda Cross's picture

old people

I have an 84 year old friend, a Democrat all her life. I gave her a Ron Paul Slim Jim. She came back the next day and wanted to know how to change her party affiliation so that she can vote for Ron Paul in the primaries, she even went to the monthly meet up with me. She has been around long enough to see the changes in our country and it has her a bit angry. Don't underestimate the older folks, every vote counts!

If you see something, say something, the government is listening.
Silence isn't golden, it's yellow.

you got to pick them up and drive them to vote

tell them your a ron paul supporter and that your willing to drive them to vote then fill them with Ron Paul information and most likely they'll vote

1937, the year the Supreme Court was subordinated to Congress

It is hard to criticize the "greatest generation"...however it is true that, at the height of Hitler and Stalin's power in 1937, FDR got the Supreme Court to abandon its watchdog role against Congress whereby the court spent the next 57 years upholding everything that Congress passed based on the "US vs Corpolene Products" statement "if Congress had a rational reason for voting for something, even if it turns out to be based on false evidence or isn't fair, then the law must stand".

Since then, no matter how much corruption has happened in Congress, the decisions of Congress have mostly been upheld by an obsequious court.

Although Rehnquist and OConnor but the brakes on the 57 year reign of terror in 1995, US vs Corpolene has never been properly denounced and is still used to uphold lots of commerce laws at the district level. A proper denunciation of this is what would have happened if there had been a 5th world power in World War Two that had gotten the US to change its undemocratic ways...but the US won all the battles all over the world and its citizens, by and large, believed that they were the most free and democratic people there ever could be. They would not think of the 1937 coup that had destroyed the Supreme Court.

In WW2, the US had a much better government than its enemies...and the "greatest generation" felt no need, afterwards, to reverse the damage that FDR had done.

The only way to get to the senior citizen vote is to teach many of them, from scratch, that there was something called the Constitution before 1937 and there was a Supreme Court before 1937 that constantly overturned laws of Congress so much that it was once true in America that a law didn't really come into effect until after the courts had signalled that it was OK.

But the only people who would remember that would be 100 years old by now. Our senior citizens became adults after 1937.

There is no excuse for anyone taking the MSM seriously.

Google for Corpolene brings up nada

Spelling? Link? Please and thank you :)

there's been lots of stuff

there's been lots of stuff posted on this site about how to reach out to older constituents.
Go to retirement homes, go to the mall early in the morning before stores open (lots of people are there to walk and socialize), go to churches, recreation centers, etc, etc.
it is not easy... but can be done.

It's just show biz

There is another video on the ABC website where the same guy the "where's my man ronpaul?" guy says backstage in the green room that ron paul is a joke.


It's only a matter of time until the talking heads admit they were wrong.

"Free government is founded in jealousy, and not in confidence; it is jealousy and not confidence which prescribes limited constitutions." Thomas Jefferson, Kentucky Resolutions of 1798

Yep...already their tone has changed

From ignoring him to ridiculing him to discussing him like a real candidate.

Gee, doesn't that remind us of a Gandhi saying?
Ron Paul is the great uniter, the income tax fighter...the military-supported, defender of the border...the political apathy solution and the champion of the Constitution! Doctor Paul is on-call!