New Song and CD from Steve Dore

Dear Friends,

Our good friend Mr. Steve Dore has released a new song called Peace along with his entire collection of Ron Paul's songs on CD. The CD, titled Early Songs of the Great Ron Paul Revolution is available at his site: Ron Paul Songs

Steve was kind enough to send me a copy of the song. It is all instrumental, and it is a beautiful song. In fact, my wife just ran in from the other room saying, "What is that music!? It is beautiful."

Steve writes:

Peace has been played on and has gotten very warm response there. With all the anxiety, frustration and intense work of our daily routine for Ron Paul, this song helps clear out the mind and senses (I hope) and visualize something that we all desire with all our hearts and souls...Peace!? It is a perfect Ron Paul song #12, especially this holiday time of year.

I have a RP song for Hope, Freedom, Liberty, Revolution, and Victory. Seems a good way to close this project out with a song for Peace.

Steve is donating $10 per CD - all his profit! - to the campaign, up to his $2,300 limit. Place your order here Ron Paul Songs I'm ordering a couple.

Thank you, Steve Dore, for sharing with us all of your beautiful music, and your dedication and support of Dr. Paul and this peaceful revolution.


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Just order five copies. Thanks Steve... you're a million dollar man. On December 16, Ron Paul will be the $10 million man.

Plano TX