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Tax Protest in Kentucky


FRANKFORT, Kentucky — Kentucky bourbon industry officials stood shoulder-to-shoulder Tuesday and poured spirits on the state Capitol's front steps to protest a proposed 6-percent sales tax on all booze............

"They've got a right to do what they feel like that they have to do, but I don't think it really changed anybody's minds,"

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Don't worry

I think the alcohol industry will be fine, as a mater of fact I believe it will replace Tylenol as the pain reliever of choice in the USSA


States now scrambling for revenue.... they are looking for "convenient" targets. Instead of CUTTING SPENDING (they can't print).... THEY BECOME PREDATORY......so look OUT you smokers, drinkers, candy bar eaters, car drivers, ...... seize, fine or tax ANYTHING that moves!!!!! The goobs vs. the pleebs.... the "war" is JUST getting started. ;-)