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Wired For War: Robotics Revolution

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"....this isn’t science fiction. We have 12,000 of them on the ground right now"

"..if you are sending less and less Americans into harm’s way, does it make you more cavalier about the use of force?"

"We don’t have declarations of war anymore. We don’t have a draft. We don’t buy war bonds anymore. We don’t pay higher taxes for war. And now you have the fact that you may be sending more and more machines instead people. And so, you may be taking the already lowering bars to war and dropping them to the ground.

And then there’s another part of this, of course, is it changes the public’s relationship with war. It’s not just that the public is becoming de-linked, but remember, these machines record everything that they see. And so, we have the rise of what I call YouTube war. That is, you can go on YouTube right now and download video clips of combat footage, much of it from these drones. And so, in some ways, you could say that’s a good thing. The home front and war front are finally connected. You can see what’s going on. But we all know this is taking place in sort of our weird, strange world, and these video clips have become a form of entertainment for people. The soldiers call it war porn. "

One is that the sands are shifting underneath us in warfare, and we’re in denial about it. We have an assumption of who fights wars, and it’s usually a man in a uniform, and that means, oh, well, he’s part of a military, and he must be fighting on behalf of a government, and it must be politics and patriotism. But look at, for example, the rise of the private military industry. That is someone who’s fighting not on behalf of a government, but a private corporation. Profit motive is involved.

"...with robotics, it’s sort of the ultimate breakdown of humankind’s 5,000-year-old monopoly on war."

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"all of mankind was united in celebration. We marveled at our own magnificence as we gave birth to AI...” – Morpheus, The Matrix

Sorry I'm a nerd, but this was the first thing I thought of.