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Consequences, Or the Madness Continues...

The reason these people in congress keep screwing us is because there is no consequences for them. We do not hold them accountable in any way shape or form. Just like a child who is constantly told to stop, but is never given an ass whoopin when he refuses they continue to do the same things over and over.

We are supposed to vote them out but with media control and voting fraud they know this is a joke. Oh they throw us a bone now and then by letting some few reps get voted out here and there, however over all they know we will do nothing but complain with no teeth.

They just passed another so called stimulus bill against the will of the people to reward themselves and their cronies once again. There is even a video of Schumer floating around saying the American people don't care. They are very arrogant and more blatant in their looting now more then ever.

Until we hold these people accountable things will continue to degrade as they continue the same madness that has destroyed our economy and led us to war time and time again, all the while chipping away at our freedoms.

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What does that mean?

"holding them accountable"? Have we figured out what that looks like yet?

Maybe it means regaining

Maybe it means regaining control of the U.S. politically then drafting new legislation to prevent the gross abuse of our nation again in the future AND prosecuting the politicians who violated their oaths of office?


Is there any way to sue

Is there any way to sue them, or otherwise hold them civilly accountable for damages?

I wish you weren't right.

I wish you weren't right.

Me too, but we have got to

Me too, but we have got to rise to this occasion no matter how painful it might be.

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